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Heroes: One of Us, One of Them

Sylar: "We're gonna need some coffee. Decaf. You drink decaf, right, Noah?"

I wouldn't call this a great episode, but a lot of it was laugh-out-loud funny. The Keystone Kops scenes (appropriately backed by a Buster Keaton silent movie) of Hiro and Ando outwitted by the Haitian and Daphne were fun. And how I loved Sylar as Noah's new partner. Turning him into Gabriel, Angela's new pet and Company operative, wasn't what I expected, but it absolutely worked.

We never really knew what was going on with Angela back at the start of the series, but I was certain she loved her sons, and the worst she seemed capable of was shoplifting. And now she's throwing away Nathan and Peter for Sylar? As fun as it is watching Angela run the Company and feed Sylar stray superheroes for lunch, it feels like too big a character turn to the Dark Side. I just can't go with this. Not yet. There has to be a reason for such a big change, and they haven't given us one.

And speaking of evil moms, I hated what Meredith did to Claire. Does this mean that Claire is vulnerable? A vulnerability that is shared by Peter, Sylar, and Adam Monroe? (If Adam is lucky, he's unconscious.) Or was Claire's suffocation psychosomatic? I noticed Meredith wasn't gasping; doesn't she need to breathe, too? I also hated the fact that I started getting evil vibes off Claire. I expect her roots to start going darker any day.

At least Peter is back in his own body and ready to face off with, um, Peter. Only Peter can stop Peter. Except that Peter is now off somewhere with Peter, probably in the future seeing the world about to be split in two.

Which brings me to the confusing situation with Niki who isn't Niki. Is Tracy Niki's twin? What was Jessica? I'm totally confused. Since there was apparently a mad scientist involved in the births, are Tracy and Niki clones? Zimmerman told Tracy, "I created you." And when he opened the door, I could swear he called Tracy "Barbara." This is certainly an added wrinkle to the breeding program. We needed more confusion, for sure. At least we know that Niki really is dead, even though her body, oddly enough, didn't seem to be burned.

So everything is a lot darker than the last two seasons, and everyone seems to be getting in touch with their inner villain. Except for the villains, who are getting in touch with their inner good person. Okay. One of us, one of them.

Bits and pieces:

-- Angela said she gave Sylar up for adoption. What? Why? How? Maybe Angela has an evil twin, too. Or her mirror reflection is in control.

-- I've long since lost track of Sylar's powers. But now he can touch an object and see everyone who's ever touched it. And he has a supervoice, too. For that matter, so does Peter.

-- Meredith and Sandra, Supermom Death Match. My money's on Sandra.

-- Spirit Walk guy painter has been decorating the rocks for quite a while with pictures from Matt Parkman's life. Parkman's future was originally with a blonde woman and a baby. And now it's gone and his future has morphed into Matt holding the same woman, dead, in his arms.

-- Where did Sylar come up with "special agent Andrew Hansen, FBI?"

-- Noah Gray-Cabey was listed as a guest star. Apparently, he's been written out, and they carefully didn't show any of Micah's extended family. Does that mean no more of the New Orleans characters?

-- Daphne got the second half of the formula. We still don't know who she's working for. For a moment, I thought it was the Haitian.

-- Goodbye to Francis Capra. Jesse, we hardly knew ye.


Noah: "So your solution is to send a psychopath after the psychopaths."

Angela: "He's been misunderstood. He just needs structure."

Hiro: "You're telling us your plan? What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?"

Hiro: "Don't listen to her, Ando. She's trying to divide us. It's villainy 101."

Ando: "Holy crap, it worked."
Hiro: "What are you doing?"
Ando: "I'm being awesome."

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I think you hit it on the head. Pretty much EVERYONE is two people on this show now. Even HRG is the good dad/bad company guy.

  2. Hi Billie, I love reading your reviews. You always pick-up on something I missed.

    But here's one for you re Sylar's Andrew Hanson ad-lib. I think he was referring back to Clea Duvall's character's name FBI Agent "Audrey Hanson" who he met at the end of the first season.

    Thank you for the reviews!

  3. Hi Billie!

    Great review(s) as always. Gotta say though, I'm having trouble with this season of Heroes. Everything is moving a little bit too fast. The whole Sylar, Angela, HRG-thing seems too quick. Almost as if the writers needed to finish off storylines they didn't have time for in the last season because of the strike.
    Am I making any sense?

  4. I only started watching Heroes at the end of Season 2 because of Kristin Bell. It's been really fun having 3 VM alum around Kristin Bell, Capra and Blake Shields, but I'm struggling otherwise.


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