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Lost Missing Pieces #7: Arzt & Crafts

Where it fits

Between the episodes "House of the Rising Sun" (1:6) and "The Moth" (1:7).


Sun and Jin are sorting through their clothes whilst discussing Shannon and Boone's relationship. Jin thinks that they're lovers. Sun thinks that they're brother and sister.

Dr Arzt comes running over and asks them whether they're moving to the caves. Hurley, who's sat nearby with Michael, explains to Arzt that neither Sun nor Jin can speak English. So Arzt turns on them instead and begins a paranoid diatribe about why they shouldn't go to the caves.

Hurley suggests they should just trust Jack. Arzt, incredulous at the thought, reveals that he once saw Jack running through the jungle, crying out for his Daddy. Aware, however, that he's not going to change their minds, Arzt reaffirms that he's stopping at the beach.

No sooner have the words left his mouth, when a loud ominous roar comes from out of the jungle. Terrified, Arzt has a complete change of heart, and agrees to meet them at the caves.


Not much meat to this webisode, but some genuinely funny dialogue from Dr Leslie Arzt, hilariously acted by Daniel Roebuck.

Sun knows that Shannon and Boone are siblings. But at this juncture, Jin doesn't know that Sun can speak English. So she's forced to say that it's just a guess. Some nice knowing glances too this episode between Sun and Michael (who knows her little secret).

The webisode title is a play on words. Arzt is substituted for Arts.

In "House of the Rising Sun" (1:6) Sayid discusses the move to the caves with Michael, while Jin is cuffed to a piece of plane debris. This suggest a continuity error of sorts. Either Michael should already know about the caves, or Jin should still be cuffed to the wreckage. Whoops!

Shame about Dr Arzt blowing up. He was one of the few secondary characters that had no qualms at all about getting verbally stuck into the shows main characters.


Arzt: “Jack and that... bald guy and... er, whats-her-face... they found some caves and they think that actually we should move from the beaches to the caves.”
Hurley: "So? Why shouldn't we?”
Arzt: "Why sh... what? Okay, (a) number one, moisture. The caves are abundant with moisture. Moisture breeds bacteria, and attracts insects that would lay eggs in our mouths while we sleep.”

Arzt: “Hey, hey, I know that you don't understand me, but if there's a vote to go to the caves, you two, you vote noooooo. Got it? Nooooooooo.”

Arzt: “Okay, fine! Fine! You... you morons, you wanna go to the caves. Good riddance. I'm going to stay right here on the beach with all the people who want to survive.”
(A loud noise comes from out of the jungle)
Arzt: “I'll... er... see you guys at the caves.”

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