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Dexter: Si Se Puede

Dexter: "I could get used to the simple joys of male bonding."

Dexter and Miguel have become simpatico kill buddies. But they still haven't actually killed together. Are the two of them really friends? Truly like-minded? Come on, tell me another one.

I think Miguel believes he's in control of this situation. He thinks he's developing Dexter into his very own personal assassin. How long until Miguel starts asking Dexter to eliminate his personal enemies instead of criminals? Enemies like, say, Ellen Wolf the defense attorney? Plus, imaginary Harry is threatened by Miguel, and lest we forget, imaginary Harry is Dexter's subconscious. Dexter is no fool. He wants to believe he has a real friend, but I think that deep down, Dexter knows it's not possible.

And of course, Miguel doesn't know about Dexter killing Oscar. Or the truth about the Bay Harbor Butcher. He certainly knows about Doakes, though. Won't Miguel put two and two together at some point and come up with four?

This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was Miguel enthusiastically stabbing and gutting that huge fish while he and Dexter were talking about killing. Which made me again wonder if Miguel is already a killer. Syl said that something was seriously bothering Miguel, though, suggesting that Miguel was disturbed and upset. Later, Miguel overcooked the fish. Was that a character statement about overdoing things, or possibly burning his bridges? Maybe a metaphor for their relationship? Okay, enough fish metaphor, moving right along.

I wasn't surprised that Ramon Prado wasn't the skin guy. It doesn't feel like Miguel, either. Is it another cop? Again? (No, wait, I forgot – Doakes was innocent.) Actually, I'm trying really hard not to get totally creeped out by the skinner murders. That poor, poor kid. Horrible. Could we have this skin plot over soon so I can stop worrying about Deb as well as nice snitch Anton?

Camilla, Dexter's friend from Records and the keeper of his past (how symbolic), is dying. I thought at first that her request for the perfect key lime pie was just that, but then I started to wonder. Does she want Dexter to kill her, and just can't ask him outright?

Bits and pieces:

-- Rita took a job selling real estate with Syl. How sex role modelly; the boys are hunting together, and the girls are selling houses together. Rita's relationship with Syl is paralleling Dexter's with Miguel, only with no life and death consequences.

-- Miguel was going on about Ellen Wolf the defense attorney getting off a guy who had done something horrible to a child, hinting he might care about kids the way Dexter does. But I still don't think so. I think Miguel was just manipulating Dexter.

-- Ellen Wolf said that Miguel has been playing fast and loose with ethics. Could it be more than just railroading innocent men? Something, we might recall, that Dexter won't do?

-- Barbara the vice cop is definitely into Angel. Why else would she test him with a redheaded hooker?

-- Quinn said that Yuki is on a personal vendetta, and hinted they used to be involved. I wonder. Quinn seems okay most of the time. Unless he's secretly the skinner.

-- I loved imaginary Harry dressed exactly like Dexter. It was a fun visual and told us that only Harry was "with" Dexter, and knew the real him.

-- Dexter has a blood spatter screen saver. Of course he does.

-- The title was interesting, considering what week this is in the United States.


Deb: "Do we seriously think that Ramon, a fellow cop, could do something this sick?"
Dexter: "Like a career in law enforcement precludes violent behavior?"

Maria: "Life catches up."
Dexter: "So does death."

Camilla: "You know, Dexter, my whole life I've been searching for..."
Dexter: "The meaning of life."
Camilla: "The perfect key lime pie. And what do I get when I'm about to croak? Fucking pie crust, Redi-whip and green jello."
Really wonderful metaphor.

Harry: "We only see two things in people. What we want to see, and what they want to show us. You don't know Miguel any more than he knows you."
Dexter: "You're not seriously going to lecture me on relationships after the debris field you left behind?"

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Male bonding. Oh maybe someday Dexter but clearly not with Miguel.

    Clemson should've put up the blinkers for Dexter, now he'll never shake Miguel off him and you don't need keen observational skills to realise that Miguel probably is more trouble that he's bloody worth.

    It's cool that Rita and Sylvia actually have the normal friendship but too bad it won't last when Dexter and Miguel's breaks loose.

    Deb, Quinn and Maria played things professionally with Ramon though I wasn't really surprised that it turned out that he wasn't the Skinner.

    Good for Angel for getting some, 7/10.

  2. I'm finding myself much more tense during episodes this season than in the past. There seems to be much more on the line and I live in fear for both Deb and Dexter. I cannot decide who is good and who is bad; who will survive and who will not. Great writing!


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