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Dexter: Easy as Pie

Dexter: "Marriage, children. You never expect it to end in tragedy. Unless you're me."

I rarely figure out Dexter plotlines in advance, so I have to pat myself on the back for television prescience – I knew three of the plot points in this episode were coming.

I just knew that Miguel would start asking Dexter to take out his personal enemies, and voila. Interesting that Miguel backed down so quickly when he realized he couldn't get Dexter to kill on command. Dexter may have said no to Miguel, but I still feel like there's a target on Ellen Wolf's back, just like on Anton's. Miguel seems to see every professional affront as personal. I don't think Dexter is a true sociopath, but Miguel very well may be. Maybe Miguel will kill Ellen himself. Maybe that's what will turn Dexter against him.

As I've written before, I thought season one was about Dexter coming to grips with his childhood. Season two was his rebellious teenage phase. Season three is turning out to be adult decisions. Dexter still follows Harry's code for the most part, but he is interpreting it more freely and making his own choices. Which brings me to Camilla.

Dexter cared about Camilla, and she taught him the meaning of mercy. That final scene with Camilla and the pie was so touching. This was a big step for Dexter. Risky, too, since his number one rule is to not get caught. I was also moved that the last thing Dexter did for Camilla, the keeper of his past, was confess his biggest and most upsetting secret – that he had to kill his own brother. And interestingly, killing Camilla was full circle in another way. You all remember who Dexter's first victim was, right? A nurse who was doing not so merciful mercy killing. Certainly not the same as what Dexter just did, but still.

I wonder if the fact that Camilla knew Brian was Dexter's brother made a difference to Dexter? Actually, I don't think so. I think Dexter trusted Camilla.

The skinner murder plot continued to progress, and it's still creeping me out. I think Anton is outright crazy to risk an agonizing death just to hit the sheets with Deb. And how about good on me for noticing the tree trimmers with the sharp knives a few episodes ago?

Lots of heavy stuff, but there was some great comic relief – Dexter's difficulty in figuring out whom to invite to his own wedding. He functions pretty well as a normal person when it comes to Deb and Rita and the kids, but he doesn't actually think of Angel and Vince and Maria as friends, and it didn't even occur to him that he should ask someone to be his best man. Personally, I think he should have asked Angel, not Miguel. Angel will still be Dexter's friend long after Dexter has to kill Miguel. And I can see it coming.

I wasn't sure I was into this season, but it has built up slowly and is getting really interesting. Especially this power-play murder-buddy chess game between Dexter and Miguel, which is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know it's going to end in a massive conflict. Gee, I think I'll back Dexter.

Bits and pieces:

-- Dexter dreamed about the kill in the garage when he was a teenager, but substituted Miguel for Harry. And Miguel didn't throw up.

-- Yuki said she was never involved with Quinn. I can't think of where this plotline is going. Unless Quinn is the skinner, which seems unlikely to impossible. Yuki said a cop is dead because Quinn cut corners. That I believe. It sounds more like bad police work and less like scary serial murder.

-- Ramon took early retirement with benefits instead of prosecution. I bet a lot of people would prefer that deal.

-- That driving range scene told us that Dexter was left-handed. Did we already know that? If I just repeated myself, never mind.

-- Angel and Barbara are now a couple. Angel deserves someone nice. On this show, though, she could turn out to be a deranged killer. Maybe she's the skinner.

-- I got a little flashback to Six Feet Under when Camilla asked Dexter to contact the funeral director.

-- Masuka is himself again. Loved the whole thing about Albert Chung and the socks.

-- The wineglass Syl dropped was plastic. Plastic wineglasses? How not realistic in a household like the Prados.


Dexter: "Those closest to me have always resided in a box of slides. Until now."

Dexter: "Where can I get a good key lime pie?"
Deb: "You can't. They all taste like sour dog shit."
Personally, I'm with Deb. I hate key lime pie. Even the non-lethal kind. I'm a creme brulee sort of girl. Yeah, I know, the pie was a metaphor for death. So maybe a yucky pie was the right choice.

Dexter: "Should I invite Quinn? He's so... tan."

Dexter: "Are you going to bring a date to the wedding?"
Deb: "I don't know, Dex. I might be too busy picking up pieces of Anton's skin to even be there."
Dexter: "So you're a maybe?"

Angel: "No way your nickname was worst than Fatista, 'cause 'Gianna' just rolls off the tongue."
Barbara: "Vagianna."
Angel: "You win. Kids can be cruel."

Ellen: "I think we all know how easy it is to plant evidence. And, well, you look the type."
Dexter: (to himself) "Do I see sheets of plastic in your future?"

Dexter: "I've never been great at conflict resolution. Not without a blade and several rolls of plastic wrap."

Angel: "How much caffeine have you had?"
Deb: "A metric fuckton."
Angel: "You should stop. It's giving you Tourettes."

Despite the fact that I had guessed most of the major plot points ahead of time, this was a very effective and moving episode. Camilla's death made me cry. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Actually, I love key lime pie. :)

    Good review. Thanks so much. I watch the episode and think I got it, and then I read your stuff and it makes me see even more.

  2. I knew I recognized undercover cop that is getting involved with Angel. Funny enough, she played Doyle's wife Harry on Angel, I believe it was the episode called Bachelor Party. I always seem to notice when Buffy/Angel actors, guest stars, writers or directors pop up on my favorite shows! Great reviews Billie!

  3. Superb episode, certainly the season's best in my opinion.

    Dexter helping Camilla out was interesting. Some posters have argued there was a self preservation angle as part of it and I wouldn't rule it out, but I do think there was some compassion there. He liked Camilla.

    Rita went into wedding mode but I loved her scenes with Camilla and Sylvia. I enjoy Rita more when she isn't worrying about the kids, Dexter and the wedding. Sylvia's good for Rita in that way.

    Miguel asking Dexter to kill Ellen seemed like an inevitability. I'm glad Dexter refused and I'm glad that Ellen got her client behind bars. Another friendship I like is Ellen/Maria.

    Deb finally made the link with the trees being trimmed for the Skinner. It was stupid of her to sabotage things just to keep Anton safe though I do like him.

    If Yuki was telling the truth about Quinn, why on earth didn't she come forward with this beforehand? That would've given Deb the incentive to have helped her.

    I liked Angel and Barbara's scenes, it's nice that's with someone and Masuka seemed more like his old self as well.

  4. A very moving episode, the final scene of which had me in tears. I’m glad that Dexter told someone his secret, but it certainly makes sense that he would tell someone who would be dead in a matter of seconds. I loved his comments about mercy as he used his particular skill set to help someone who asked him for it.

    I was so glad Dexter turned down Miguel and I was so glad he stuck to his guns. I wonder if the fact that Dexter has had so few friends makes him all right with the thought of losing one. There was that scene where he talks about losing Miguel and losing Camilla and that he would be all right with it. The look on his face, however, was wistful.

    I’m sorry that the writers have brought Anton and Deb together, although it was a bit inevitable. I just wish she could find a decent guy at some point and not one who is most likely going to die by the end of the season. I’m just glad it’s not Quinn, who is lying to her. Deb’s being so snarky about Quinn’s car amused me. She is, after all, driving around in a BMW convertible. They cost a pretty penny, even under lease.

    I laughed when I read your comment about key lime pie. I happen to like it. It was hard to watch the pie scene; the last food I ever saw my father eat was a piece of my mom’s lemon meringue pie -- his favorite.

  5. THAT'S where I recognized Gianna from! I watched Buffy/Angel for the first time after I watched Dexter and knew Doyle's ex looked familiar.

    To this day I use the phrase "metric fuckton" at least once a week.


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