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Heroes: Going Postal #1: A Nifty Trick


The "one of us, one of them" theme continues as we're introduced to Agent Howard, dressed rather predictably in a black suit and tie. With him is the Constrictor, a bald man with a somewhat fidgety demeanour (also wearing black, because he's a bad guy and that's how bad guys dress).

As far as super powers go, the Constrictor's gift (at first glance at least), seems a touch underwhelming. He can squeeze things, hence his rather imaginative name. But his gift pales into insignificance when up against Echo DeMille's sonic scream, which is seemingly enhanced by his sense of danger. When faced with the barking Doberman, his shriek simply frightens the dog away. However, when faced with greater danger, Echo's vocal abilities are capable of causing pain and bleeding. They're again intensified when Agent Howard pulls out a gun and points it at Echo, which results in a third scream, leaving the Agent a shivering, semi-conscious wreck on the floor.

I'm not sure why the Constrictor's ears weren't bleeding too. Obviously he needed them to make the phone call which came next. So maybe it was out of plot necessity. Or maybe, with the Constrictor restraining Echo from behind, he was partially shielded from the full impact, which would presumably be semi-directional.

After shooting Agent Howard dead, the Constrictor phones Bob Bishop to report their failure. This presumably places the webisode, chronologically speaking, sometime before The Butterfly Effect (I say presumably, I'm of course working on the assumption that Bob Bishop is indeed dead. With this show however, exposed brain or not, who can really say?)

The constrictor looks at a photo of Echo and a mystery woman on his phone and says "It's a shame, she's so pretty." Which leads us nicely into our next installment.


Echo: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! You not bothered by the cliche of this... you being a dog, me being a mailman? It doesn't have to be like this. You could just roll over. I could scratch your belly."

Echo: "Next time, don't mess with the mailman."

Agent Howard: "My friend here is what we call 'a constrictor.' You keep struggling, he'll keep squeezing."

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