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Heroes: Going Postal #2: The House Guest


The mysterious girl in the photo turns out to be Gina, Echo De Mille's girlfriend (played by the lovely Rebeka Montoya). As he enters the house, Echo is greeted by a semi-naked Gina, clearly intent upon seduction. But Echo quickly dumps cold water on proceedings by confessing "Gina, I think I killed a guy." And if this isn't enough to cope with, he then goes on to tell her all about his super powers. Poor Gina. Not the afternoon she was expecting at all.

Despite Gina saying she trusted Echo, I have to confess that when I first saw the door ajar, I thought she'd slipped out behind him and done a runner in her underwear. But Echo takes the open door as a sign that there's an intruder in the house. Wielding his guitar as a weapon, Echo begins a slow search of the property. I'm not sure why the cat was there exactly, but lovely creature, eh?

Finally we see the Constrictor with Gina's head between his hands. Echo briefly tries to reason with him, but afraid that the Constrictor's about to crush Gina's head with his mad powers, he again opts to use his gift. As in the previous webisode, the Constrictor drops to the ground in agony and is finished off with a super focused sonic blast to the ear. Blood splatters everywhere. The Constrictor is dead.

There's a knock at the door and the episode ends.


Why is Gina not affected by Echo's super shriek? I'm not altogether sure. Yes her ears were semi-covered by the Constrictor's hand and chest. But when Echo starts shrieking, the Constrictor loosens his grip on Gina, surely exposing her ears for a split second? That's all the time it took to floor Agent Howard outside. He had his hands clasped over his ears both times. It did him no good whatsoever.

And after the troubles encountered facing Echo last webisode, why on earth did the Constrictor confront him again without back up? It's blatantly obvious that his powers are totally useless against Echo's superior abilities.


Echo: "There's something I haven't told you. About this thing I can do. It's like sounds I can make..."
Gina: "Sounds?"
Echo: "Yeah, yeah, except today it was really loud. Like shatter your eardrums loud. It was scary."

Echo: "Okay, please, just let her go."
The Constrictor: "Why would I let her go? I'm just getting to the fun part."

Echo: "Oh sh..."

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