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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #4


Finn examines the pliers. He surmises that the insulation was worn due to age. Sweet Eight suggests that maybe “someone didn't like the idea of a machine breathing their air” and an argument breaks out amongst the crew. Sweet Eight blames Brooks for Pilot Eight's death. Brooks is indignant and points out that the pliers were meant for him – he was the intended target. Gaeta tells them all to “shut the frak up.” He tells them it was an accident and asks for suggestions on what to do with the body.

Sweet Eight suggests they jettison the corpse before it starts to produce methane. Gaeta agrees and they put on their flight suits. Away from the others, Sweet Eight tells Gaeta she has a plan to get them home, but refuses to elaborate until everyone's asleep.

On New Caprica, Gaeta writes out a list of names... people he hasn't seen in a long time. Sweet Eight reassures him that the Ones keep good records. She promises to locate and free anyone she can find. She touches his hand gently.

Back on Galactica, Hoshi and Racetrack take off in a raptor.


Why don't I trust Sweet Eight any more? Last week I was suspicious of her drawing everyone's attention to the pliers. And now she has a plan to get them home... but will only tell Gaeta after everyone's asleep! What's going on? What is it about the words “trust me” that automatically makes me not want to?

But all the right questions were asked this week. Why didn't Brooks notice the insulation was missing from his pliers? I just wish they'd thrown a few more answers our way. They neatly sidestepped that one by having the crew go into meltdown. Bah!!!

At least now we know what the list is: the names of people presumed either dead or captured by the Cylons. I was listening to Jane Espenson's commentary on this episode and apparently the names on the list are just BSG production staff. So I wouldn't be expecting them to turn up in the show any time soon.

And we're still left wondering as to the nature of Gaeta and Sweet Eight's relationship. It's currently looking a little one-sided, with Sweet Eight being the one giving out the smiles and the meaningful glances. She even touched his hand this week. Could you feel that sexual tension? No? Okay, perhaps not from Gaeta. He looked a little bemused by it all. But Sweet Eight certainly has something on her mind.

Instead of jettisoning Pilot Eight's body and losing valuable air in the process, would it not have been a better idea to seal her in one of the flight suits? If air can't get in, I'm assuming it can't get out either.

*A warning about the audio commentaries: Jane Espenson gives away a huge plot spoiler this week.There have also been a number of other spoilers in previous commentaries. So if you don't want the mystery ruined, avoid them like the plague until all ten episodes have aired.


Brooks: “Those were mine. I was the one who was supposed to get killed.”
Sweet Eight: “Unless you were the one who did it. I mean... you didn't notice bare metal?”

Sweet Eight: “Trust me, okay?”

Gaeta: “This list... some of these people I haven't seen in a long time. They may already be... Gods!”
Sweet Eight: “The Ones, they keep good records. If someone's locked up I can find them, and get them out. We can do this... really.”


  1. I agree with you: "Trust Me" is not something you say to get someone to trust you. Especially not on TV.

    I've watched ahead, so I won't comment except to say that these have been pretty darn good, and good work on the reviews.

  2. Thanks Sloth,

    I'm currently on my Christmas jollies, so I'm behind on my webisode watching (as I only have access to an archaic computer, created in the late 13th century...or so it seems). But I'm enjoying them too. Roll on the series proper.


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