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Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy #1

Where it fits

Six to nine days after "Revelations."


Nine days after discovering Earth, Lt Felix Gaeta drifts bloodied through space in a damaged raptor. In his semiconscious state, images flash through his mind... someone writing down names in a book, a pair of long nosed pliers, the face of one of the Eights, a hand being sliced by a scalpel, a needle piercing flesh.

We then go back in time three days. In the CIC, Tigh orders Gaeta to take some much needed rest aboard the Zephyr. Gaeta protests, but Tigh tells him that his order is a gift, not a punishment. Gaeta, about to leave the CIC, is approached by Hoshi, who gives him a package containing morpha. They kiss, and Gaeta leaves.

Gaeta, still unstable on his new prosthetic leg, is helped aboard a raptor by one of the Eights. As they approach the Zephyr, they pick up some hostile Cylon vessels on DRADIS and are forced to “jump” to safety. When they reappear they find themselves separated from the rest of the fleet.


So Gaeta's gay? Like we didn't know already... sheesh! For some time now, his sexuality has been a hot topic of discussion on virtually every BSG forum in existence. I suppose his name should have given us a clue. But at least now it's official. And good on Gaeta for being in a relationship that actually doesn't seem too screwed up (yet). That's quite an achievement on board the Galactica.

Gaeta is clearly still struggling with pain from his amputation. On handing him the morpha, Hoshi tells him to “feel better.”

The episode was written by ex-Buffy/Deep Space Nine/Firefly writer Jane Espenson and BSG comic writer Seamus Kevin Fahey.

Why is Cylon Tigh still the XO of Galactica? It's only been six days since “Revelations.” Perhaps because of his air lock heroics? This is presumably something they'll explain in the series proper.

Who were the two Eights that boarded with Gaeta? At first I though it was Sharon and possibly Boomer. But on the audio commentary (available at scifi.com) Jane Espenson reveals that the eights were scripted as “Pilot Eight” and “Sweet Eight.” So now I'm guessing neither. Wow, enough Sharons already.

Have they left the ruined Earth behind?


Gaeta: “I naturally don't need a lot of sleep, sir.”
Tigh: “I can't have you in the CIC like this. You're on the verge of seeing ghosts on the DRADIS screen.”
Gaeta: “I'm fine, sir, I swear.”
Tigh: “It's a gift, son, not a punishment.”

Brooks: “Oh great. Skin jobs.”


  1. Paul, I'm so glad you are doing reviews of the new BSG webisodes! After I watched the one last night, I actually wondered if you would do the reviews, since you are the new webisode guru.

    I had the exact same question about Cylon Tigh being the XO. What the heck? I thought maybe I just didn't remember the last few new episodes very well. Maybe they kept him on in the interest of "working cooperatively" with the Cylons. Still seems kind of hinky to me.

    "Sweet" Sharon seemed to know Gaeta. She was giving him some odd looks. Wonder what's up with that.

    Four minutes really isn't enough to satisfy my BSG cravings. I was completely sucked into the story within mere minutes, and was pretty bummed when it ended.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Maybe I can refresh myself on the first part of Season 4 and where we left things in the meantime.

  2. Hi Jess,

    I know what you mean about 4 minutes not being enough. I'm positively champing at the bit to get stuck into the last ten full length episodes. I thought the webisodes would give me something tasty to nibble on until January. But they've just make me more impatient than ever for the real thing.....gah!!!

    Not long to go now though........

  3. I have to do a "me three." I got sucked in and it was over way too soon. That doesn't happen to me so much with webisodes, so I think this one was pretty successful.

    Good job, Paul.

  4. Well I did not know Gaeta was gay. I don't spend a lot of time on the boards so I was unaware that this was a big topic. For all I knew, Gaeta was sexless as his sexuality never seemd to be a factor in his story. I guess ny gaydar (or gaydradis) isn't very good.
    I have never really been a fan of the webisodes. This one is okay I guess but I am much more interested in how the series is going to play out. By all accounts, it promises to be amazing with a fitting end to a great story.

  5. !I guess my gaydar (or gaydradis) isn't very good".

    Haha...nice one Peter. I think you've created a brand new word there.

    I think the whole "Is Gaeta gay" thing started with the blooper reels on the DVD's. Every season he seems to be hitting on someone of the same sex. Plus some dude wrote an article in The Advocate, outlining several reasons why he though Gaeta was gay. Looks like he got it right.

  6. I know what you meant when you said that their relationship was "not screwed up," but if you've got your lover/boyfriend scoring drugs for you it is not exactly the healthiest thing either.

    Thanks for the review, I didn't even know these were going on.

    I liked the webisode, but maybe because I am so starved for BSG. I didn't have much of a problem with Tigh in the CIC. Sharon/Athena has been a known cylon for a couple seasons and she has full rank and privilege.

    What was weird for me though, was seeing the wide shot of the fleet, just before the jump, and seeing the basestar jump along with them. Just eerie.

  7. Hi Sloth,

    Fair point about Athena having full privileges on board the Galactica. But it wasn't right away. She had to prove herself multiple times first. With Tigh it's only been 6 days.


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