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Highlander: Reunion

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One travesty of a movie after another, and an eighteen-minute webisode managed to do what none of them did: it gave me a taste of the series again. Yes, it was just a nibble, but it was a big nibble, and it was delicious. I watched the whole thing with a great big smile on my face. And then I watched it again.

They did several things right. The big one? They centered the story around Methos. Finally! Pardon my sarcasm, but you'd think that would be a no-brainer. Why did it take them so long? They also brought back Joe and Amanda, the other two best Highlander supporting characters, and all three of them were very much themselves instead of some poorly written parody.

And the plot was centered around what I thought was the best recurring theme in the series, i.e., how to deal with growing older, and what it takes to have the endurance for immortality. Joe was, of course, quite literally older and tireder and wishing he were immortal, but Methos and Amanda apparently felt much the same as Joe. Part of that may have been an acknowledgment that the actors are a bit older (even though they still look pretty darned good), but we all know that immortals get tired of life, too.

Methos was about to plunge into marriage number sixty-nine with a mortal named Julia. He told Julia he was immortal, but nothing more – and we Highlander fans know that being immortal is just the surface when it comes to Methos. (Amanda brought up the Four Horsemen. Quite a lot to dump on a mortal fiancee.) Is Methos ready again to commit to another mortal wife, someone who might be endangered by the Game? Or maybe Methos had had it with mortals. There was some serious Methos/Amanda flirting in this webisode. Back in season four's "Till Death," Methos said that he'd never married another immortal. Perhaps, with MacLeod out of the picture and involved with someone else, Methos and Amanda might be ready for each other. I'd be down with that.

I was completely and totally bummed by Highlander: The Source and, to continue with my food metaphor, I needed something to get the taste of it out of my mouth. Highlander: Reunion did the trick. It was yummy. Yes, it was just an appetizer, but the resolution made me hope that there may be others. I know that I will probably never get the Methos spinoff I wanted so desperately, but more webisodes would at least be something. I'll take anything I can get.

Bits and pieces:

-- The webisode was produced by the official Highlander people, Davis-Panzer Productions, and written by Highlander alum David Abramowitz.

-- Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth Gracen and Jim Byrnes were the only actors, and it was all interiors and conversations. (Looked like Malibu.) There was a battle with swords, but it took place off camera.

-- MacLeod was mentioned a few times. He is with someone named Sara, and it's serious. Joe is no longer his Watcher; Joe retired eight months ago and is bummed about it.

-- Methos actually gave his age: 5,164. Except I always had the impression that Methos doesn't actually know how old he is, and there's the whole "before recorded history" thing, so how would he know what year he was born? He was probably making it up, which would be like him. Not to be outdone, Amanda also gave her age: 1,187.

-- Methos asked Joe to be his best man at the wedding. Except that it's probably off. Methos and Joe also told each other "I love you," which was sweet.

-- In this episode's hair report, Amanda's was white-blonde and chin-length. At least it wasn't a buzz cut any more. I still think she should stick with black hair.


Amanda: "I did see a shrink once. You know what happened?"
Joe: "You slept with Sigmund Freud. (Amanda glares at him) Hey, I'm a watcher, remember?"

Methos: "She knows I'm immortal, but how much do I tell her about my past?"
Joe: "Tell it all."
Amanda: "I would leave out the part about raping and pillaging when you were one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I think it would be wrong to confuse her with too much information."

Two words. More, please.

(I kept putting the Youtube link here, and it kept getting moved. If you'd like to see the video, which is in several parts, go to Youtube and search for "Highlander Reunion.")
Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.


  1. You are so right-on. Next time they think about making a dreadful movie, take the money and make 50 more 18-minute reunions. I KNEW Joe Dawson wasn't really dead, and reunion proves it.

  2. Thank you for the excellent review! I've always wished that TPTB had melded the Raven episodes with a Methos and Joe show--think of the possibilities...*g*.

  3. It is ridiculous to have anything Highlander without Duncan :-( One would hope Raven tought the producers that but they seem to have to keep trying!

  4. Oh my God, you have absolutely no idea how much I love you right now. After the horror that was the source I was afraid there would be no more but then I read about the reunion and now I've seen it and life is good again. You are amazing and thank you so much for posting this.

  5. You're so welcome, Sheilanni. I just wish they'd do another one.


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