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Heroes: The Recruit #2: It Was Nothing


At an undisclosed facility in Tappen, NJ, Rachel Mills is interrogated by Carlos. Like Angela, he wants to know the whereabouts of the serum. He informs her that a drug is neutralising her abilities. She tells him that she doesn't have any abilities and that she's not special.

We flashback to the Pinehearst Laboratory. Sullivan confides in Mills that she should have told him about her abilities, but Mills is still in denial. As she's helping Sullivan to his feet, Hanover appears behind them. She notices he's holding two vials of the serum and asks where the third is. He admits to injecting himself with it after hearing a rumour from Tracy that it would make them into super soldiers. She tells him to let Sullivan try the serum. Hanover refuses and convulses in pain, allowing Mill's to take a vial from him. Recovered, he points a gun at her but she injects Sullivan anyway. Hanover shoots her in the shoulder. Sullivan falls to the ground... and instantly the serum starts to take effect.


Well, I guess now we know why Rachel has a bullet hole in her shoulder. And we can be reasonably sure that Rachel already possessed her abilities before enlisting in the program. So that's two mysteries solved. But other than that, not a great deal happened.

No Angela this week, which is a shame. I think webisodes benefit greatly from having at least one regular character in them. So why replace Angela with Carl, I wonder? They seem to have virtually identical roles in the story... that of the interrogator. Perhaps Cristine Rose wasn't available for all of the webisodes.

I'm also a little unclear as to what the serum actually does. I know it gives ordinary people seemingly random powers. But what if you inject someone who already possesses powers with it? Would their genetic changes disappear, as appeared to be the case with Mohinder? What would happen if Mills injected herself with the serum? Is that her plan, maybe?

Short and not so sweet.


Hanover: “Give me the damn serum!”
Mills: “You had your shot.”

Mills: “Did you inject yourself with the serum?”
Hanover: "Damn right I did. I heard that Tracy chick say it would make us into super-soldiers.”

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