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Heroes: The Recruit #3: Do What We Have to Do


At a undisclosed facility in Tappen, NJ, Angela Petrelli continues her interrogation of Rachel Mills. She wants to know why Rachel killed Sullivan. We flashback to the laboratory at Pinehearst, where Sullivan is in the process of being changed by the serum. Hanover tries to shoot him, but he escapes at super speed. Rachel urges Hanover to put the gun down but he refuses so she tries to disarm him with a piece of scrap metal. Floored, he manages to stand again and is just about to shoot Mills when Sullivan attacks him and drags him to the ground. Mills stands and is also attacked by Sullivan, but manages to teleport across the room to safety. She picks up a pair of large scissors and Sullivan attacks again, only to be skewered and killed by the scissors.

Back in the present day, Mills tells Angela that she didn't have a choice. Angela seems to understand her predicament but still won't free her until she reveals where the serum is. Mills explains that after seeing what the serum was capable of, she destroyed the last sample. After a pause Angela says, “Wrong answer,” and leaves the interrogation room.

In another flashback we see Mills with the missing vial.


It was good to see Angela again. She's grown on me a lot of late. I was never a fan of Arthur Petrelli, but if I had to pick one positive thing that came from him being in the show, I'd have to say that his back story with Angela gave her some much needed depth. I actually kind of like her now.

What exactly is, or should I say was, Sullivan's ability? His eyes glowed red and he seemed to turn semi-feral. Was that super speed too? Or maybe slightly less than super speed but still pretty damn fast. Shame it wasn't enough to save him from a pair of scissors (albeit nasty, pointy looking ones).

And Angela's certainly not stupid. I would have totally bought Rachel's story. But judging by the flashback at the end Mills is feeding her a pack of lies. She didn't destroy the vial after all. I wonder what she wants it for? To cure herself, maybe?


Mills: “I didn't have a choice."
Angela: “We do what we have to."
Mills: “So I've noticed."

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