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Being Human

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Being Human (2008-2013) was a British television comedy/drama/horror series about three twenty-something characters who shared a house and tried to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire.

Season One

1.0 The Monsters Within (Pilot) (not reviewed)
1.1 Flotsam and Jetsam
1.2 Tully
1.3 Ghost Town
1.4 Another Fine Mess
1.5 Where the Wild Things Are
1.6 Bad Moon Rising

Season Two

2.1 Cure and Contagion
2.2 Serve God, Love Me and Mend
2.3 Long Live the King
2.4 Educating Creature
2.5 The Looking Glass
2.6 In the Morning
2.7 Damage
2.8 All God's Children

Season Three

3.1 Lia
3.2 Adam's Family
3.3 Type 4
3.4 The Pack
3.5 The Longest Day
3.6 Daddy Ghoul
3.7 Though The Heavens Fall
3.8 The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Season Four

4.1 Eve of the War
4.2 Being Human 1955
4.3 The Graveyard Shift
4.4 A Spectre Calls
4.5 Hold the Front Page
4.6 Puppy Love
4.7 Making History
4.8 The War Child

Season Five

5.1 The Trinity
5.2 Sticks and Ropes
5.3 Pie and Prejudice
5.4 The Greater Good
5.5 No Care, All Responsibility
5.6 The Last Broadcast

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Lenora Crichlow (Annie)
Russell Tovey (George)
Aiden Turner (Mitchell)
Sinead Keenan (Nina)
Michael Socha (Tom)
Damien Molony (Hal)
Jason Watkins (Herrick)