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Heroes: Exposed

Claire: "You were incredible."
Sandra: "It's nice to know I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

I've been so discouraged and disappointed with Heroes lately that I was surprised that I didn't hate this one. But I didn't love it. And the ending, with Matt and the dynamite, made me sigh again. So Matt is going to be forced to blow up Washington? I'm really tired now.

Lots of Sandra. I like Sandra a lot, don't get me wrong. It's nice to see her out from under Noah's shadow and the Haitian's mind control. But she was practically a superwoman, except without a superpower. Forging an ID. Stashing secret guns. Hideouts in the wall. As Sandra kept doing one incredible thing after another, I kept thinking about Candice and wondering if something was up; I was waiting for the shoe to drop. And it didn't.

Matt and Peter as the mind control frontal assault tag team was fun. But it lacked... I don't know, something. Coherence. Good writing. Anything resembling feasibility, maybe. It was odd that "Rebel" helped them find Daphne, but not Tracy and Mohinder. At least Danko did exactly as expected; he took over and got deadly (President Worf's orders, I assume) while Nathan flailed around and got ignored. And rescued Peter again. While still trying to convince himself that he was doing the right thing by wanting to imprison him. *sigh*

Sylar, still on his voyage of discovery, found a pretty heavy memory he had suppressed. He now remembers his father selling him to someone, and killing his mother in an oddly familiar way. I can hear myself saying "I like Sylar, don't get me wrong..." but I feel like we've been watching Sylar search for his past forever; it's completely disconnected from the D.C. plot and I'm not sure why we're seeing this. Will Sylar kill his own evil father (Darth Sylar) and turn into a good guy? Is it wrong of me to want Sylar really evil again? At least Sylar cut Luke loose without killing him, which was sort of nice. Not that Luke the nasty human microwave is any benefit to humanity.

(I have to say again that with all the people, guest stars and cast, who were supposed to be relatives of Sylar, Alex is the first one who actually looks like him. If Alex isn't Sylar's secret little brother, they're wasting a set of perfectly good eyebrows.)

Cliffhanger with Puppet Guy in the Bennett house. That's okay, Sandra can take him down, no problem.

Bits and pieces:

-- "Rebel" is Hannah Gittelman, right? I can't believe I didn't think of that before. I bet all of you thought of that several episodes ago.

-- I saw the underwater mouth to mouth coming, but it was still cute, anyway.

-- Frankly, my favorite part of the episode was Mister Muggles stalking the sandwich under Claire's bed.

I have fallen out of love with this series and I'm worried that I'm not being fair. Am I giving it too little credit?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Well, I thought it was better than what you did. But I see your point: after jumping the shark, it's next to impossible to "unjump" it.
    I'm giving Heroes thins Season's chance. If it ends badly again, I'm out.

  2. For some reason I think Micah might be rebel. Because this guy can sure hack into computers very easily.

  3. The actress that played Hana is on Castle now. So I don;t think its her.

  4. Not sure whether this is good news or bad, but Heroes has been renewed for a fourth season....


  5. Whoops...made a bit of a pigs ear of posting that link...I'll try again.......

    Heroes returns for a fourth season

  6. I think you are being a tad hard on it. I'm loving these new episodes so far. They fixed a lot of what was wrong. Sylar is pure villain again, and they sorted Peter out, who is now no longer OTT in the power department. The way it works for him now seems far more balanced for the show.

    I think this bald hunter guy as a villain is lacking somewhat, if only because he is just a human and has no special abilities. Still, actually having powers would completely defeat the purpose of him, being that he's against these kind of people.

    What I would have liked to see, but doubt, would be for Sylar to replace Danko using some mind/shape altering ability, and then go along with Nathan to have all the supers rounded up in one place, so he can have a buffet.

    In general though, I'm enjoying these new episodes. The only thing I really hate is Claire, who just annoys me no end for some reason. This episode in particular just had me rolling my eyes in boredom every time she came on screen - and boy did she get a LOT of screen time.

    I'm giving this the thumbs up anyway. Big improvement over the mess that was last season.


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