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Heroes: Cold Snap

Ando: "You be cold daddy. I'll be warm mommy."

Much, much better. I enjoyed this episode more than I've enjoyed a Heroes episode in a long time.

The writing was definitely tighter and there were many cohesive elements. The most noticeable was the recurring "cold mommy" theme. Hiro finally told Ando about what happened with his mother, and was finally able to be warm daddy to baby Parkman. Peter rescued his cold mommy, Angela, out of an elevator. (I liked that one a lot.)

The big one was Micah. It made sense that Rebel was Micah, and that he was obsessed with freeing his "mom." (Note how he said over and over that Tracy wasn't his mother, as if he was trying to convince himself.) Tracy is a very cold mommy, indeed. But obviously not dead, even though she just let them make ice cubes out of her. Creepy.

And it worked, Tracy not dying, because of Daphne's honest to goodness permanent and actually moving death. I didn't even see it coming and was thrown when Matt started flying. I wonder why they brought back Janice in the very same episode? As well as changed their minds about Janice's baby being Matt's? We'd been led to believe it wasn't, back in season two. (And note the "cold mommy" theme again.) Are Matt and Janice destined to get back together?

Hiro and Ando were actually funny and endearing again instead of annoying. Loved the wheelbarrow. The ET tribute with the stuffed animals in the closet was a little much, but still okay. They even found a way to give Hiro back some of his powers, but not all. Yes, let's fix our writing mistakes, shall we? Hopefully, this means no more magical time travel fixes.

Plus we had other fun stuff. Danko shaving, followed by Noah with shaving cuts; great little unspoken comment on their relationship. Angela losing her umbrella, stealing an umbrella, borrowing an umbrella and stuck in the rain as she lost her home and her freedom. And she and Peter hiding in the Statue of Liberty? About as obvious as symbolism gets.

Bits and pieces:

-- The opening close-ups with Danko shaving were practically a Lost "eye" scene.

-- Who gave Puppet Guy to Danko wrapped in a big, red satirical bow?

-- Noah Gray-Cabey's voice has changed. By the way, really liked the bank machine talking to Tracy. It was just fun.

-- They introduced Swoosie Kurtz as Angela's friend Millie. I'm sure it was for more than a brief appearance at lunch. Loved Angela's hair in that scene.


Ando: "How could Matt Parkman be a baby?"
Hiro: "On the Next Generation, it was a transporter accident."

Hiro: "He's toddler touch and go. He touches and makes things go. Like a baby Genesis Device."

Millie: "You look like you've been mugged, and the first thing they stole was your dignity."

This episode reminded me of why I got into Heroes in the first place. A solid three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "Much, much better. I enjoyed this episode more than I've enjoyed a Heroes episode in a long time."

    I could not agree more Billie.

    Hopefully with Bryan Fuller back, things will get back on track.

    Will Tracy come back? There was a tear followed by a wink.

    Thank goodness Hiro did not get his time travel ability back. I hope it stays that way.

    I was disappointed though that Daphne is gone. She was my new favorite character. It was a very touching way to goto say the least.

    4/5 From me as well.

  2. I really hated seeing Daphne die like this. Damn you, Bryan Fuller, why resurrect her only to kill her again? If you had no use for her, why couldn't you just send her away? WHY?!!

    Otherwise I completely agree, this was an excellent episode after a string of rather bland ones.

    But dammit, I really liked Daphne!

  3. I too, liked Daphne. But she certainly got a much more satisfying ending than other interesting characters like Elle, Bobo Bishop, Adam Monroe, and such. I was much more pissed at the matter-of-fact, disrespecting way this characters were disposed of.
    And hey, a GOOD Heroes episode. When was the last time that happened? Not since the beggining of seson 3, I bet.

  4. This one made me cry - so obviously a good one!

    Hey, I'm a girl, it's allowed! :D

  5. Hi Billie!
    For starters I just wanted to tell you that I just love your reviews and I've been reading them for some time now (more or less 2 years I think). They are a big load of fun and also a big load of information (Every time I don't get something on Lost, you're there to help me and I'm very grateful for that). :)

    Secondly I just wanted to tell you that I also write a blog about TV shows, and I sometimes even cite you at my page (which is mostly in Polish, so I don't suppose you'll understand it, but I'm trying to scoop some English there once in a while, so I'm inviting you to visit - http://superkaczy.blog.pl )

    And thirdly, at last about the actual review - I also really enjoyed this episode. It felt very first-season'y with its good writing and fun action. It gave me hope for the future episodes of the new season (the ones you just finished reviewing here as I see), and I'm looking forward to watching them and reading you great, great reviews too.

    That's all I wanted to say!
    Thank you again for being there and doing what you're doing, because you're just plain awesome! :)

  6. Hi, Mike:

    Thanks so much -- you're very kind. And your blog is terrific. I can't read it or anything, but it looks like it's the place I'd go if I could read Polish. :) I scooped up that terrific photo you put up of Sawyer, by the way. Thanks!

  7. I'm glad you liked it.
    And you're most certainly welcome.

    Oh - and I've found a weird mistake in my last comment - by "cite" I meant "quote". ;)


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