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Heroes: Turn and Face the Strange

Nathan: "When your grandmother has a dream, it's a good idea to pay attention."

Three decent episodes in a row. So it's not a fluke. Clearly, someone who knows what they're doing is back at the helm. (And yes, I know who it is.)

The Noah/Sylar death match chess game was the highlight. Even though I was actively watching for it and fully aware that Sylar could be anybody, I was still fooled a couple of times because of the clever way the scenes were set up. Like showing Sylar/Danko in the same room with Sandra right before Sylar/Sandra hit Noah with the divorce papers. I particularly loved Noah walking into Danko's office pretending to be Sylar pretending to be Noah.

Let's hope it's not over for Noah and Sandra Bennet. Yes, she's put up with more from Noah than, well, I can't think of a really terrible husband off the top of my head, but you know what I mean. Noah has done some terrible things, but he really does love her. He made the worst mistake of his life when he went to work for the Company all those years ago, and he's just been treading water and making the best of it ever since.

At least Mister Muggles and his pills saved the day. Quick, Noah and Sandra! Come up with a code phrase and a response so that Sylar can't successfully replace one of you again! Why didn't they do that? I'd do that. Maybe they were too emotionally wrought up to think clearly.

The Matt plot had zero suspense. I knew Matt wouldn't kill an innocent woman or Danko. But at least he deprived Danko of his amazingly attractive and rather sweet honey. Good. Someone that evil shouldn't have an amazingly attractive and rather sweet honey. And the reuniting of the two Matts was somewhat heartwarming. Will Janice make three?

Hiro and Ando were again droll and funny. It's not easy to make me laugh just by making faces, but Ando did it at least twice. Loved the Japanese-American trucker Sam Douglas from Lubbock, Texas. Very cute.

The left turn in the story where suddenly everything was about Coyote Sands was mildly frustrating, but at least no one was painting pictures of it this time. Digging for corpses as a Petrelli family bonding exercise? Those kooky Petrellis. So what happened at Coyote Sands? We already know that superpeople have been created artificially. Are those bodies their failed experiments?

Bits and pieces:

-- Good CGI of Sylar morphing.

-- What happened to the lizard and the turtle in the Suresh apartment? Loose ends. I hate loose ends.

-- Danko's incredibly hot girlfriend Elena played a demon on Supernatural last week. Memorable face.

-- Just like Claire did last week, Nathan while running for his life stopped off somewhere and got his hair done. Much, much shorter.

-- Turn and face the strange. Is that a line from David Bowie's song, "Changes"?


Sylar: "I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to destroy him."
But Sylar liked Noah once. No, wait. That was in the alternate universe Heroes, before we got back to the real Heroes. That's how I'm going to think of the last couple of volumes.

Ando: "This will never work. Who's going to pick up two Japanese guys and a baby?"

Sandra/Sylar: "This isn't a marriage. It's an arrangement. It's cover so you can go around shooting at people."

Sam the trucker: "What say we try moving your magic baby the hell away from my truck?"

Another watchable episode, check. Characters we used to love are lovable again, check. I'm very encouraged,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Maybe I'm bias because I think Zeljko Ivanek is awesome, but I'm loving Danko, and I loved seeing his human side. I wouldn't mind a bit if he joined the cast next season, although we all know he won't since the writers love Sylar too much to let another villain eclipse him.

    He's certainly a better villain than Arthur Petrelli.

  2. I'm thinking Coyote Sands was a previous attempt at a 'superpower concentration camp'. It certainly had that very spooky Auschwitz feel

  3. Well, I'm confused. If the superpeople were created artificially, what was Adam doing in Japan 400 years ago? Wasn't he a natural?

  4. We learned awhile back that some superpeople develop naturally but others were created artificially. The triplets (Ali Larter), for example.

  5. While i definately think the show is improving i do have one problem with the current Sylar shapeshifting storyline. Didn't he get Candice's make people think you look like anybody power a while back ? Aren't the two powers really similar ? Or did he lose Candice's power and i missed it ?

    That said, i am enjoying the shapshifting and i'm curious to see where they're going with the Coyote Sands stuff.

  6. The tortoise and the lizard? What on earth happened to Molly? That's another large loose end yet to be explained.


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