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Smallville: Stiletto

Lois: "Next time, I call myself Nike."

Fun, frothy episode. A lot of Lois and her superhero jones, which is always good. And some primo Lois and Clark stuff. Yay.

I went "aww" three times when Lois and Clark were on the phone. When Clark gave Lois the story on the Red Blue Blur that she wanted so badly. When he told her she could name him (like she did in the Superman movie.) And the third time, when Lois opened the door to an off-the-record friendship. Will there be romantic phone calls in future episodes? Is that how they're going to get around Clark never quite getting into the big blue costume?

Speaking of which, that was some outfit Lois squeezed herself into. Loved the squeaking leather. And I immediately thought she would quickly regret those heels, and she did. (How could anyone fight crime in five-inch heels? It's hard enough to walk across a room.) Clark knew it was Lois immediately, and said he'd know her even if she had a bag over her head. What about when it's finally finally finally Clark's turn? Lois is in love with Clark; won't she know him immediately?

While Lois and Jimmy were all heroic, poor Chloe was tossing Hefty bags full of body parts into the dumpster. (Not that the bad guy didn't deserve getting torn apart.) This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the red scarf that Chloe wore around her neck to cover her wound; it reminded me of enthralled Dracula victims hiding their bite marks, and symbolized her relationship with Davis in a great big way. Chloe won't be able to handle this for long. But at least she doesn't have to stay in the hospital for observation; she has her own monster EMT in the basement. Convenient.

Odd that we didn't even see Davis in this episode. More Chloe and Davis, please. I wouldn't mind seeing some hot monster love. Does that make me bad?

Bits and pieces:

— "Blur-etto." Fun, and shades of Clois. And much more wholesome than the fan reference to slash incest on Supernatural last week.

— Lois is a superhero for five minutes, and already has Metropolis' most deadly crime gang after her? And strung-out Jimmy is working for them, too? What a coincidence. Metropolis must be an extremely small place, Billie said sarcastically.

— Jimmy has hit bottom. I'm paralyzed by not caring all that much. And now he's passing counterfeit money infected with Kryptonite. Evil, poisoned money, huh? Can you say, more obvious symbolism?

— A spike heel over a klieg light. Very funny. I'd really like to see that.

— Has Lois' hair gotten even darker, or is it just me? Whatever. Looks terrific.

Quotes (all Lois):

"It's not like I squeezed into five-inch booted heels for my health."

"I'm going to sew an S into the chest. Is that tacky?"

"Nothing like a double frosted bear claw to ease the pain of a flesh wound, right?"

"Look who got grazed by a funny bullet."

Solid and fun. And hey, still no Lana. It's like the old Saturday Night Live sketch about Generalissimo Francisco Franco still being dead; no Lana in a Smallville episode is always cause to celebrate,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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  1. In the (great) Clark-Lois phone conversation, I noticed another quote "You read my mind?" was a reference to the "Can you read my mind?" flying sequence in the first Superman movie...


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