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Heroes and Smallville and the fall season

This hasn't been an easy decision for me to make. I don't drop shows midstream; I tend to remain faithful to the sweet or bitter end. (I'm not oblivious to how I refer to my relationship with a particular show as a love affair.)

But I took on more shows than I should have, and last winter and spring were just too much for me. I was writing practically every night, and it stopped being fun. This is supposed to be fun. This is my favorite hobby, after all. Something has to give. And it's going to be Heroes and Smallville. Why? Because I just don't love them any more. Not the way I used to.

I'm almost certainly going to keep watching. I may even track my initial reactions so that I can incorporate them into any future reviews. Heroes and Smallville may be summer projects. Depends on whether this coming season does anything for me.

This fall, my priorities will be Supernatural, Dollhouse, and Dexter. This winter and spring, I'll be deeply into reviewing the final season of Lost. I'm committed to continuing with the Buffy comics until season eight ends, at which time I will almost certainly stop. I'm not a comic book person and it's been difficult for me to relate to the comics. I am absolutely crazy about True Blood and will review it live next summer. And I'll review Torchwood season four, if we get one, whenever it becomes available to me.

Josie K. is still planning to review Fringe and Chuck. Paul Kelly is going to continue covering Doctor Who as it airs on British television, and he's working on season four as I'm writing this. Jess Lynde is working on retro reviews and will be pitching in as we all review this fall's premieres.

Feel free to post comments about any or all of this, and about the fall season. I love my readers, and your opinions mean a lot to me.


  1. I'm hoping that Heroes will dissapoint me again, but this time in a good way because my expectations are at an alltime low at the moment.
    As for your reviews, they wer always great but it's a bit pointless to review something where half the events are forgotten or retconned sometimes as early as the next episode. Makes any predictions or logical observations pointless, sadly.

    So i agree on dropping Heroes, i would also agree on never mentioning it ever again, but who knows maybe season 4 will be a masterpiece (if only they let bryan fuller write alone wthen maybe it would be) ;) Time will tell.

    All the shows that you kept on your review list are what i think to be (plus House) the best on TV right now, so thumbs up and i'm awaiting the eps and the reviews. :)

  2. Smallville really turned bad this season with all the Lana crap, so yeah skip it. Heroes lost me during the first season. Too many dull episodes to stick around for the good stuff. Thanks for all your great reviews and may there be many more to come.

  3. Thanks for actually helping me to decide whether or not to drop Heroes from my shedule.
    Without your reviews, I am actually a lot less inspired to watch it.
    (despite Robert Knepper and Madeline Zima joining it)

    But, is there any chance to get you into reviewing Smallville again?

  4. Thanks so much for the comments.

    danielcw asked: But, is there any chance to get you into reviewing Smallville again?

    Summer project, maybe?

  5. I saw someone say house was the best show on tv so I had to break my long silence of simply reading and not writing. House may be the best episode to episode show on tv. Maybe. In my opinion though to call it the best show is absurd. There's plenty of shows with continued storylines that just simply "rock house's world". I'm talking about the real best show on TV... Lost. Also you can throw in Dexter AMAZING. Hmmm... True Blood. Where the real vampires come out to play. These ones don't sparkle in the sun so it may disappoint some. That's all I have to say. Back to my silence and the long wait to read lost blogs and speculate on the current craziness. Hope we get more on old smokie, Bye bye now.

  6. Sadly i can understand you dropping Heroes. I will miss reading your reviews enormously but nobody (i assume) wants to read purely negative comments about a show. And if it continues the way it was, i think it would be very difficult for you to not to do this.

    I for one still have my fingers crossed for a return to greatness though

  7. Those would have been the 2 shows I would have dropped as well had I been doing reviews. Heroes just completely lost its way after season 1,and Smallville hasn't been good since season 2 IMO,last season in particular was woeful.I'll still watch both,mainly because I have watched them for so long but I can see why you chose those 2 to drop.

    True Blood is amazing and I am annoyed we have to wait 2 weeks to the finale. Supernatural was brilliant last season,the pilot of Dexter was good and it looks promising this season,Dollhouse I wouldn't care too much for. Lost will be epic for the final season but I can't say I agree with one comment about it being the best tv show.

    It is entertaining and fun but the best tv show ever made is without a doubt "The Wire".It is nothing short of perfection.

    Keep up the great reviews Billie,love reading them!

  8. Good call on Smallville and Heroes. How about Breaking Bad? It is so brilliant show like Dexter, Lost and Supernatural.
    Hope you can consider writing a review for this amazing show. it is only 7 eps for first season and 12eps for second season. I am so waiting for season 3 now...

  9. Haven't seen Breaking Bad yet. I'll have to give it a watch.

  10. Hey Billie,

    Good decision about dropping some shows in light of your experience last Fall and Winter. Save the writer!

    --Carol from your LOST list.

  11. It’s a pity you’re dropping Smallville. It’s how I stumbled upon your reviews =) I hope it can surprise you, and me, this year, and maybe we’ll get the odd review, like a mid-season finale review, or half a year round up review. I’ll take anything.

    - Mark.

  12. That's a good suggestion, Mark -- mid-season and finale, possibly. I may do that, since I'm still going to watch.

  13. Aww, I'm disappointed to hear you're dropping Heroes, since it looks like it just might be fixed. It's still too early to tell, though. I looked forward to reading thoughts on the episode every week, it's sort of an objective way of knowing how it's doing because I always want to like an episode.

    If you don't have the time, then why not just give brief ratings? Just jot down a few points, pros and cons of an episode, then give it a few stars or something. Be better than reading nothing from you at all. Or, as said above - a mid-season and finale review. Or a 3-episode, 4-episode review all at once. Still gives you lots of flexibility.

    Thanks for the reviews so far, and hope I still get to read some.


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