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Smallville: Savior

Can you believe it's the ninth season?

No more red blue blur. He's the man in black. Clark has become Johnny Cash. It suits him, actually. I've never been a fan of superheroes wearing primary colors, anyway.

Did he fly? Or did he jump off the Statue of Liberty and land on his face? I vote for flying. I'm sure that after eight seasons, they can't hold them to no tights no flights any longer. Actually, I'm fine with no tights. I just want Clark to freaking fly, already.

I wanted them to kill Tess off or send her to Australia. Instead, they've centered a brand new, confusing Kryptonians-led-by-Zod plot around her. Callum Blue is channeling Terence Stamp in the second Superman movie. I'm confused about the fake-blue-eye chick; would somebody explain her to me? Or was she supposed to be confusing?

At least we have actors migrating in from other sci-fi shows. Alessandro Juliani from Battlestar appears to be a permanent fixture, someone for Allison Mack to do dialogue with, and that's very cool. Brian Austin Green from Terminator is a new reporter who is probably going to create love triangle idiocy to separate Lois and Clark. Who are still connecting in a phone booth. I like the phone booth, a sure sign that it'll be taken away. They'll bring Lana back, and Clark will immediately forget that Lois exists again. I've been burned too many times.

More cage fighting and Justin Hartley with his shirt off pummeling people. That's never bad.

Chloe wants Clark to bring Jimmy back from the dead. Chloe, that's never a good idea. Haven't you read Pet Sematary?
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. How does this happen? Every year I say that’s it, no more, this far no further, line in the sand, etc. I just wrote a scathing review of the 8th season DVD vowing never to watch ever again. And yet here I am watching the season premiere of another season of Smallville. I blame Alison Mack. I adore her too much to give up entirely. And having Erica Durance in a distractingly tight vest for the majority of the episode was defiantly not unappealing.

    Clark has embraced his destiny, which seems to involve dressing like Neo and prowling around like Batman. Meanwhile the Justice League has broken up and Oliver is in self destructive mode; heavy drinking and cage fighting. Get over yourself, mate. And team up with Green Lantern already. Know it’s unlikely but would be brilliant.

    The subplot with the Krypton survivors seems to mirror the New Krypton sage currently going on in the comics. Should be interesting to see how this arc plays out but I doubt the show has the budget to really do it justice. At least we’ve got Zod now. Real Zod, none of that silly possessed Lex malarkey from a few seasons ago. Loved how when he told someone to ‘Kneel Before Zod’ he got bashed across the head. Downside, Tess is still around. Why?

    So far I’m intrigued enough to possibly stay for a bit longer.

  2. Don't have much to say, because I have not seen the episode.

    Anyway - thanks fro the comments, Billie.
    I am actually still crossing my fingers, that you would change your mind and give the premiere a full review, and evntually do all episodes, because you are hooked again.
    (and then hell freezes over ...)

  3. The "fake-blue-eye chick", if I understood it correctly, is one of Zod's people. She came back from the time one year from now (in other words she came from the season finale) to kill or otherwise disable Clark, because in the future he destroyed, or is about to destroy, "our world". Since she is a Kryptonian it's probable this phrase doesn't mean the same thing for her as it does for us earthlings. I assume Zod & Co. will try to create a new world for themselves, their plan will in one way or another be detrimental to the well-being of Earth people, and Clark will eventually side with Earth.

    Lois came back from the same future and she theoretically knows everything that will happen this season, except of course she doesn't remember any of it. Yet.

  4. I'm late to the party commenting about this one, but I found it confusing as hell (coupled with a confusing as hell Dollhouse.) Maybe I just don't remember the season 8 finale, but where did all those Kryptonians come from? Why are they connected to Tess? Every scene with them was just a giant WTF!?

    I was actually so confused with the ep that I read the above accidental Supernatural post 3/4 of the way before I realized it wasn't about Smallville.

    I want answers, and not in a quizzical Lost kind of way, in a I don't understand what the hell is going on kind of way.

  5. I don't even know where to start on this episode...

    There's an alien militia camped out in the Luthor Mansion, holding Tess hostage. Where the hell are her security guys? Are they dead? Did nobody manage to get a call out to authorities? Where did they get all the guns and BDU's??

    Apparently part of Clark's Kryptonian "I'm not a human" training includes not doing a damn thing with hs hair. That dude needs a trim and some product, stat.

    Also, Clark has gone from "I don't want anyone to know who I am and what I do" to tagging his family crest *literally* everywhere he goes. I can appreciate a little Zorro-esque calling card at sites of good deeds, but all he did was zoom in and out of that fight club, and he *still* signed his name. Seriously??

    Sigh... this season has already got a lot to answer for.


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