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Smallville: Metallo

(This "brief comment" thing is working for me. Hope it's working for you guys.)

"Since when did you become a living light bright?"

How incredibly convenient that Emil works in the emergency room. But he has a terrible bedside manner. Yeah, just tell the guy outright, "They removed your heart." Couldn't he have softened it, perhaps, or worked up to it? "Hey, I noticed that someone performed surgery on your chest. You may need to brace yourself for some bad news, sir."

I'd sort of hoped Brian Austin Green was going to be around for awhile. Guess not. That Iron Man thing had to be wildly uncomfortable. Green did darned well, acting with a big green spider thing glued to his chest. Had to be hard to keep a straight face. Probably a requirement for working on Smallville, though. "Must be able to keep a straight face and keep acting, no matter how bizarre it gets."

Lois mentioned Terminator. That was nice. Brian Austin Green really deserves another good sci-fi show.

Everyone on Smallville gets thrown across rooms without dying or getting permanently injured. This time it was Lois, because she had to be unconscious for Corben to talk to Clark. This is such a miserably tired dramatic device. I honestly thought for a second that Clark was going to let Lois see that it was him. That would have been a nice surprise and a welcome change to the story.

Lois was wearing pajamas with helicopters on them. Do they even have pajamas like that in adult sizes?

Chloe was understandably jealous that Clark is confiding Lois instead of her. She was actually snippy with Clark.

We haven't seen Shelby in awhile; I forgot Clark had a dog. Of course, he doesn't have to pay a dog sitter when he can zip by and walk him every few hours. But it felt weird that he left Shelby in the house. You'd think with a farm that size that Shelby would have a big yard to himself as well as a doghouse.

I swear, I sigh whenever a scene starts with Tess.

What happened to Lois for the past three weeks is Clearly Important.

"You think of it as 'our' phone booth, too?" I want Lois and Clark together, but come on, don't make me gag. At least they were both back at their desks at the Daily Planet, and things are somewhat normal again.

We still don't know if Clark flew or not. Come on, people. Give us something that we want.
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Metallo is one of Superman's villain mainstays, so the fact that he is credited as Metallo means he will probably be back at some point.

  2. They are certainly working for me!

    I enjoyed this one, I gotta admit. I'm kind of used to Smallville's reset button-bashing, convenient knocked-out-itus and so on =)

    The opening teaser was quite gory for Smallville. I liked it.

  3. All I could think about during the scenes with Lois and Shelby was, "oh look, her dog allergy has cleared up." I probably should have been more involved in the story.

  4. Small observation... Corben bought the *building* his sister was murdered in. Jimmy (the admitted son of a part-time, alcoholic mechanic) bought an unfurnished, but opulent loft apartment for Chloe... How much does the Daily Planet pay their employees?? Does Metropolis just have a freakishly cheap real estate market?


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