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Heroes: Strange Attractors

I thought there were a couple of genuinely cool moments in this week's episode. Possibly three.

Firstly, even though it was blindingly obvious to everyone but Matt Parkman that Sylar was tricking him from the very first sip of beer, it was still fun to see Sylar outwit Matt and take over his body. The idea of Sylar with Janice even evoked a tiny shudder. And how funny is it (as well as humiliating for Matt) that Janice thought Sylar was amazing in bed?

Secondly, Sullivan was cool this week. He was absolutely right that the best place for Jeremy was the carnival of misfit superheroes. Where else could the kid have had anything resembling a life? Too bad (but understandable) that Tracy didn't come to that conclusion sooner. And Sullivan bringing that building down with the power of his mind was an interesting and visually stunning bit of revenge.

There might have been a third moment. Claire mostly leaves me cold these days, but I loved her going all Buffy on the sorority girls. But Claire is no Buffy, and after that, it was all downhill. There is no power on earth that could make me stay in a deserted slaughterhouse just to get into a sorority. (Actually, there's no power on earth that could get me to walk across a room to join a sorority.) And hey, it's actually a trap? Of course, it is. For a moment, I thought Gretchen was going to die. Ah, well. The gratuitous lesbian subplot may continue to nauseate us forever.


-- Lydia and Tracy, separated at birth? Wow, do they look alike. Maybe Lydia is a fourth clone who just doesn't dye her hair.

-- Brief mention of Mohinder. It says a lot that I hadn't even bothered mentioning until now that he wasn't around. I used to like Mohinder. It wasn't even making him super that ruined him; it was making him evil plus gooey. It's just too bad.

-- They went a bit overboard with the apple Sylar wasn't actually eating, since he wasn't corporeal. This week's Most Obvious Symbolism.


Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. What struck me most this episode was how much I connected with Jeremy. I think he acted his part fantastically, he came across as this tortured soul who has good intentions, and I felt genuinely sad when the vigilante cop was going to kill him. I think it's a pity they couldn't save him, because I think there's so much more to develop in him, more character to develop. We barely scratched the surface and he's dead. Where's his redemption?

    Sylar was pretty funny this episode and I think Claire is a lot less annoying now. Good improvement on her part, though her story's still the least interesting.


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