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NewsFlash: Dollhouse completely screwed

According to Ausiello, Dollhouse is going to sit out November sweeps. The rest of the thirteen will air back to back in December, instead. So that's it, then. (Thanks for the tip, Patryk.) And in the same news cycle, I just learned that The Vampire Diaries has gotten a full season. That makes sense.


  1. Have to admit I’m more mildly disappointed than heartbroken by this news. Just haven’t been feeling the love for Dollhouse this season.

  2. You should give The Vampire Diaries a second chance. Twilight parallels are extremely superficial at best - high school romance between vampire and girl. You could draw the same parallels between Twilight and Buffy. Also, the show is standing on its own now with an engaging cast and an interesting mythology where, (small spoiler) the adults are the smartest people in the building for once. On the other hand, Dollhouse... o_o_. Dollhouse is a show with so many problematic themes. And, yes, I will confess that I never understood why Sarah Connor Chronicles which was probably the best thing on TV last season was sacrificed for it.


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