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Heroes: Tabula Rasa

Funhouse mirrors. Let's go for the really obvious symbolism, shall we?

I actually didn't hate the magic disappearing carnival this week. Sylar confronting his past in high def and pissing off Edgar the knife lunatic was rather fun. Robert Knepper (whose character name I keep forgetting -- okay, I looked it up, it's Sullivan) thinks he's going to make Sylar his very own super enforcer, but I'm betting Sylar will eventually start seeing the carnival as an all you can eat buffet.

(Damien's powerful gift is to bring an amnesiac's memories back? How often would someone get to do that? How many amnesiacs show up at the carnival?)

Kitteny, romantic Sylar could be fun for awhile. He's still the most interesting character in the series, even after all they've done to screw around with his character. All the same, I think I'm ready for Zachary Quinto to quit and go do Star Trek movies, all of which I promise to go see in the theater.

Peter's powers are still all encompassing; there's just a delay, some research and a road trip every time he needs a new one. At least HRG got to make up for some of the harm he's done by helping poor Jeremy.

Claire's blood will make tumors grow faster? Wait a minute. Does that mean if Claire gets cancer, she'll die almost instantly? Or does her immortality keep her from getting cancer in the first place? This felt inconsistent, like they needed a reason for Peter to go further than fetching Claire in order to cure Hiro.

The Hiro part of the episode was a bit too heartwarming for me, although I thought the lip reading/Japanese accent situation was amusing. I honestly don't think Hiro had a lot to teach Emma about dealing with powers. I'm somewhat intrigued by the possibility of Hiro saving Charlie, although I thought the natural rules governing time travel specified that he couldn't do that. Killing Charlie off was a big mistake three years ago, and now it looks like they're going to fix it. Except that she's a cast member on Glee now... so she'll probably come back and die again, anyway.
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Nick,

    I always enjoy your comments and I hope you'll continue posting them. But please -- no spoilers? Even possible spoilers.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Whoops, sorry. For the record it was a very unreliable unlikely one, I was just struck by it.

    Oh, and I was a little annoyed they brought back Claire's blood. It's created enough plot holes already, and I felt they should have just written it out entirely. Since she has rapid cellular regeneration, technically it means she can still get cancer...after all, it's just uncontrolled cell division. Which would mean that the moment she got a small tumour she'd...die. Though of course they can bombard her with chemotherapy all they want and she'll survive. So no harm either way.

  3. Hello Billie! Thanks for the reviews. I think Damien's special gift is to bring memories back in a visualized form (like a movie) for everybody, not just amnesiacs.

    Wouldn't do harm to watch as a movie some of your memories, would it? :)


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