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Smallville: Crossfire

Are you ready for a shock? I liked this episode.

I had thought they were setting up love triangle vibes with Oliver again, and voila. And Lois turned him down! I really liked that they didn't go there again. And they finally went there; Clark kissed Lois. Yes, it should have happened, like, three years ago, but at least it finally did. So yay.

Secondly, I liked Oliver going back to his old haunts to try to help others, and his determination to help Mia. The billionaire and the hooker. It was very cute that they deliberately recreated several scenes from Pretty Woman.

Thirdly, Chloe's dueling hacker virtual face-off with Stuart was great fun. Nice choice on the part of the director or writer, that Chloe and Stuart connected so strongly without seeing each other's faces, and then when they met in person for the first time, they communicated without words. New love interest for Chloe? New member of Watchtower? Works for me.

Fourthly, to my complete and utter surprise, I liked Tess for the first time. That thing with Zod and the bloody ID pendant in the envelope made me laugh out loud; it was unexpected and surprisingly satisfying.

Fifthly (there were five things I liked about Smallville this week! Can you believe it?) I loved the big bullet right up to the eye tribute to Superman Returns. And at least Lois didn't get knocked unconscious this week; Oliver kept her from seeing it.

More like this one, please.
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Finally!!!!

    Took them long enough. Just hope the TPTB don’t split them up in the next episode. The last thing we need is for Clark and Lois to turn into Ross and Rachel.

    Liked this episode a lot, best of the season so far I’d have to say. Everyone got something interesting and fun to do, even Chloe who’s been sidelined too much this season. Zod and Tess are defiantly a pair to watch. I loved the look of absolute disgust on Zod’s face when Tess suggested they become equal partners. He really doesn’t like humans that much. Probably seen The Jay Leno Show.

    On a brighter note, Ollie is back from the edge and has gone and got himself a sidekick. Our substitute Batman now has his Robin. With any luck we’ll see Mia again, in full costume hopefully. In another nice little nod to the comics Clark’s blind date was Catherine Grant, the Daily Planet’s resident gossip columnist.

    They are really spoiling their geekier fans this year.

  2. I was surprised to see Emilie Ullerup playing Cat Grant. I wonder if her presence in this episode is why she's currently missing from Sanctuary? I hope she hasn't left the show. I wonder if Grant's character will be a recurring one?

    Loved this episode... but, I cannot get away with Callum Blue. I don't think he's suited to the role of Zod. I'm just not convinced by his hard man act. His accent also sounds weird to me. I know he's English and hails from London, but his accent sounds awful to my Northern ears.

  3. I really liked this episode. I liked the whole thing with Tess and Zod (I'm a big Callum Blue fan, so seeing him play someone like Zod makes me giggle like the girl I am) as well as Ollie and Mia.

    I hope they come up with more episodes like this. This episode reinforced my interest in Smallville.

  4. Sorry Paul but Emilie Ullerup has now left Sanctuary. The producers confirmed it last week and as of Friday’s episode she’s out of the credits and everything.

    Although I have a sneaky suspicion that Ashley might resurrect in time for the big season finale.

  5. Thanks Mark. That's sad. I liked the character of Ashley. I agree though that she'll probably return. They didn't find her body, so there's always hope.

  6. Clark reading her profile and getting worried, LOL. "Lois, there's nothing on here about monster trucks! And you love monster truck rallies..." I'm glad he still has those moments of saying things that would sound sarcastic coming out of anyone else's mouf. Mouth, I mean


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