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Dexter: Lost Boys

Trinity: "You're a dear boy, Arthur. So innocent, kind-hearted. Promise me you'll always stay that way."

This episode had me on the edge of my seat with my stomach churning, even though I was fairly certain Dexter would rescue the boy in time. Which, of course, he did.

If each cycle starts with a little boy, that means thirty little boys, drowned in cement. Unthinkable. I have to give John Lithgow a lot of credit, because Trinity is three-dimensional and absolutely horrifying. He makes Dexter look cuddly. I really want Dexter to kill this guy. Not a surprise, since that's where the writers intended to take us. In fact, there ought to be a way to execute him 120 times. Slowly.

Will Trinity go after Dexter now, or start trolling for his next victim? Probably both. Will he end up going after Cody in the end? Dexter is so sure he can keep his "normal" life and his dark passenger separate, but Astor and Cody have been endangered before because of him, and certainly could be in the future. Maybe this season will end in a break-up, after all. It's the only way Dexter can keep his family safe, and I think Dexter is slowly coming to this conclusion.

Dexter identified with the missing boy's father, was frantic to find Scott, and kept seeing Scott as Cody or Harrison. Needless to say, these are not the actions of an unfeeling monster. Trinity is an unfeeling monster. I was certain this episode would end with Trinity killing Christine before she could give him away or possibly testify against him, because I think he's capable of killing his own daughter in cold blood. Lucky for her that she was arrested, huh? Christine isn't the vicious killer her father is, but she's a long way from being sane and balanced, poor thing.

Dexter talked frankly with Jonah Mitchell and enlisted his help. Maybe it's time to tell Jonah the truth about Trinity. But again, how can Dexter take out Trinity without implicating himself? And if Trinity is exposed for what he is, the Mitchells will be under a police and national media microscope for the rest of their lives. It's getting too big to contain. Is Dexter going to get caught this time?

Masuka kept trying to tell Dexter about Rita and Elliot. I'm still really curious to see how Dexter will react when he finds out. That C.I. of Harry's showed up again, too, but Deb blew her off; is that dropped plot thread coming back, please please please? Dexter's midnight kill during the camping trip is still haunting him, too, in more ways than one.

If we include Trinity, that's a lot of plot threads to tie up in only two more episodes. Some of it must be set-up for season five.

Bits and pieces:

-- It's a cycle of four kills, so "Trinity" isn't accurate any more. Maybe they should re-christen him the Quadrity Killer. Okay, I don't know what the correct term would be for four. Anyone know?

-- Scott eventually played Trinity's game, and Trinity was going to kill him, anyway. Does he always kill them, even if they do what he wants? Probably.

-- This episode should be an object lesson about never putting personal information on your car.

-- Dexter has replaced his garden shed with a rented shipping container. Appropriate, and probably a lot safer.

-- I actually felt for Quinn. That's a first.

-- "Harry" sometimes feels superfluous, but not this time; he was the voice of the cop inside of Dexter, telling him the logical law enforcement steps to take.

-- Here's a comment out of nowhere. Michael C. Hall always looks hot in his killwear, the brown pullover and pants, with the black gloves. I don't know why. He just does. Maybe it's because they're form-fitting.

-- How did Dexter return Scott?


Masuka: "I have to talk to him."
Deb: "He's right in there."
Masuka: "I'm still figuring out how to phrase it."
Deb: "How gay are you?"

Dexter: "Trinity is not the only one using his family as human shields."

Deb: "Where are you off to?"
Dexter: (to himself) "To kill a guy you're looking for, save a kid, remember to pick up diapers..."

"Harry": "Nineteen sixties Miami. Cuban missile crisis. Irony is, places like this were built to keep people safe."
Dexter: "I hate irony."

Dexter: "Burying a child in cement? That's not very Christian."

Four out of four stars, and two episodes to go,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. loving the anticipation. its horrible that those little boys are buried like that. so creepy and that's what makes me wish something gross and equally disgusting and haneous happens to trinity. if anybody really knew what he does, they would be cheering him to the skies. I was definitely rooting for him this ep to get that creep.
    ps. anybody notice no one significant in character development has died this season? this always happens by ep. 10 in previous season. I definitely think something is going to happen to Cody or Rita or even Harrison.

  2. Here's a prediction: Remember that Rita told Dexter that Paul's parents want to take Astor and Cody to Disneyland? I betcha, the grandparents turn out to be Trinity and Christine's mother.

  3. I think "Trinity" with all its religious implications is the point of the name, even though the name was given for the three kills. Making it "Mr. Quad" makes it less precises, and a lot less fitting for a man of faith.

    To Andrew: If that happens I would really have a problem with suspending belief. One serial killer in the family is odd (Dexter). Two is not likely, but given their history, maybe (Dexter + Ice truck killer). Three serial killers and one of them from a marriage, No way. Moreover, Rita is too normal and solid.

  4. Just some thoughts of my own. I suspect in addition to tracking down Dexter that Trinity will also be sticking to his pattern. I don't know if he'd take another boy or count the attempt that was interrupted as part of the pattern. I guess we'll find out. If he does go after another boy, yeah I could see poor Cody getting put in danger.

    I don't know if he'd target Deb for the bathtub scene, considering she's a cop (and the cop leading the investigation on his case, no less). That might be a little too high profile for him. But it would be appropriate in the sense that she is Dexter's sister.

    And Rita as a mother is quite possibly in danger of falling off a building at Trinity's hands.

    Interesting that Dexter and the 3 people he is closest to fit perfectly into Trinity's kill pattern.

    And yeah, I was frustrated they brought in the CI again just to do nothing with her. Again. Sigh. Hurry up already, show. That plot line has been dragged out way too long.

    One last random remark... as someone who grew up in Miami, all the scenes in the basement/bomb shelter were so distracting. Miami is barely above sea level and completely flat. Nobody has basements, much less a bomb shelter! Lol.

    Maybe a mansion built on an artificially constructed hill. There are a few of those. Maybe they'd have a basement.

    Sorry, couldn't help sharing the observation.

    And yes, MCH always looks great in his killing clothes...

  5. I don't really understand everones frustration with the Harry CI plot. Exactly how has "it gone on too long"? None of the other plots depend on it and there is really no reason that it be tied up any time soon. What is wrong with a long term plot that slowly simmers. Just when you forget about it or assume they have dropped it, it lightly surfaces. I find the anticipation to be delightful - a story that is potentially going to blow up at the most inopportune time.

  6. I actually thought of Rita as Trinity's mother of two victim, but then I remembered she's a mother of three now. And I don't think even Trinity would have the nerve to go after Deb. I could be wrong, though.

  7. Um, the Tetra Killer? Anyway, another 5 star episode. Very slow starting season, but worth it. I hope they keep it up.

  8. Hehe the Tetra Killer :-) Sounds like a guy who frequents aquariums, staring at the little shiny fishes.

    I definitely think the Disneyland thing is setup to get Cody and Astor out of the way for Rita to get embroiled in Trinity's final cycle, it just makes sense in terms of Dex's worries about putting his family in danger along with Trinity's specific needs for his cycle. Meanwhile Deb and Quinn are going to find a way to crack Christine and learn everything about Trinity just in time to hunt him down. Or something like that!

  9. I've been thinking about the title of the episode. The "Lost Boys" were children who eternaly childlike Peter Pan took away from their parents to Neverland, where they would never, ever grow up. Think about it for a while...


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