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Dexter: Road Kill

Dexter: "You stepped off a roof."
Trinity: "It was a mistake. We all make them."

Does Dexter have a soul? He isn't sure he does. But he certainly had a crisis of conscience over killing Farrow. And let's face it: compared to Trinity, Dexter looks like the picture of sanity.

Trinity certainly isn't wound as tightly as he first appeared to be, what with snapping at his perfect family, walking into the houses of total strangers and tromping up to their bathroom to have a mental breakdown, accosting strange families in restaurants and confessing that he saw his sister die. He seems obsessed with the religious principles of confession, remorse, and atonement. His bizarre behavior was pretty creepy. Well, he is a serial killer, so that shouldn't be a surprise.

When Trinity was ten, he caused the death of his sister because of simple adolescent curiosity. Which in turn caused his mother to commit suicide. Which in turn led Trinity to (I assume) kill his abusive drunk of a father. Since Trinity grew up in Tampa, he probably went back there specifically to kill himself with the last of his sister's ashes. Maybe he made that coffin for himself. No, probably not creepy enough.

Deb was a lot of fun in this episode. (I particularly liked the scene with Masuka and the bra.) She's a born detective, like a dog with a bone when it comes to crime. Deb figured out that Trinity didn't kill Lundy, after all. So who did? Someone we know? Is there another killer on the loose? At least Deb is back on the Trinity case now instead of on the sidelines feeding good ideas to Quinn. The DNA dragnet would have worked if Dexter hadn't been with Trinity at the time. It would be nice if Dexter could let Deb have the credit for nabbing Trinity, although it's probably not in the cards.

Is Rita about to cheat on Dexter? She was laughing with their neighbor, Elliot; she never laughs with Dexter. Is she disillusioned because Dexter isn't as perfect as she thought he was? Is she starting to realize there's something lacking in him? Even more interesting, I wonder how Dexter will react to Rita cheating on him? Will he shrug it off, or will he murder Rita and Elliot? It's hard to tell with Dexter.

I'm also having trouble seeing Rita as a former party girl, considering the battered shrinking violet she was in season one. Although it might explain why she married a loser like Paul in the first place.

Bits and pieces:

-- Did Deb put that bathtub slide in there on purpose? I think she did.

-- Deb now has to do that interview with the manipulative, amoral Christine. This can't be good.

-- I thought the search for photos of the Trinity victims in Dexter's office would lead to Quinn finding Laura Moser's mug shot. Not yet. And Masuka told Quinn about Lilah. She's out of character for Dexter's geeky good husband persona, and bound to make Quinn even more suspicious.

-- Angel and Maria succumbed to temptation and ruined a table in the conference room. I'm not surprised. They'd better be careful.

-- Quinn did a nice thing with those vacation days. He's certainly not all bad.


Angel: "Jonathan Farrow. Originally a suspect, now quite possibly a victim."
Dexter: (to himself) "It was a mistake, for fuck's sake."

Dexter: "I really do need to stab something."

Dexter: "Meteorological conference. Tampa."
Maria: "If I let you go, will you stop talking?"

Angel: "So we're looking for a potentially retired old white guy. In Miami."

Trinity: "Confession is good for the soul."
Dexter: (to himself) "All the more proof I have no soul."

Quinn: "Do you have access to Dexter's discarded crime scene photos?"
Masuka: "We share everything. (pause) Not in a gay way."

Another three star episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I really hope they don't end up having the reporter as the Lundy/Deb shooter. Shark ---> Jump

  2. Im pretty sure that is what's going to happen. There has got to be some reason for the reporter to be in this show so long aside from the normal reporter stuff.

  3. I have the same nagging sensation. Why have the reporter along for the ride this whole time? Plus, she did know pretty early that there had been several Vacation Murders, didn't she? Plus plus she did talk to Lundy at least once? Plus plus plus, she's about Masukas size, right?
    It still would be a shame.

  4. In the beginning of the episode I told myself (as I'm sure many did) that trinity wasn't Deb's shooter. He is emotional in his kills, not calculated at all. Ten minutes later debs figures it out. For me, that's absolutely superb writing.

    I think that Lundy's killer is Anton. It's the obvious choice, when considering that this season is mostly about Dexter's conscience. It is as if they are asking if Deb's immoral affair deserves punishment. Also, there was no other reason - except random shootings (which would be a kind of Greek solution for morality) - for anyone to hurt Lundy and keep Deb alive.

    Grate episode.

  5. I think Trinitys son is the shooter. He knows about his father´s secret and tried to protect him when he saw (in the paper) that Lundy was getting close.


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