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Smallville: Idol

Tell me again why there haven't been episodes centered around Lois this season until now?

We had Lois in therapy, which was just funny waiting to happen. We're finally exploring one of the big recurring themes in the Superman story – Lois being caught between two completely different men who happen to be the same guy. And we even had Lois and Clark love scenes! Really! Can you believe it?

Points for having Lois literally hanging from a flagpole, a cliche brought to life. We had the dropped high heel from the Superman movie. We had Chloe covering Clark with the standard comic book back-up phone call (as in, Clark is standing right there with Lois when the Blur calls her on the phone). And I was pleased that we finally caught a glimpse of what happened to Lois at the end of last season. Just a glimpse. I want more.

And there were the wonder super twins, whoever they were (I'm sure they're important comic book characters I don't know) taking Clark's secret identity in vain and wreaking havoc around Metropolis – but they were only trying to help.

Chloe managed to get even scarier while covering for Clark. She's tapping his cell phone, too?

Does Lois really tell Clark the color of her underwear every day?
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I'm not sure how important "The Wonder Twins" Zan and Jayna are, comic book wise. I think they're spin off characters from the "Super Friends" cartoon, who were later revamped for comic consumption.

    This was a great episode though. I hope it's not just a one off. I hope they develop Lois and Clark's relationship to something vaguely resembling a satisfying level.

  2. The Wonder Twins? Of all the great characters littered across the entire DC Universe they decided to go for those two. I can just see the story meeting now:

    “Okay guys, you can’t have Batman, Nolan’s already got dips. We’ve got no plans for Wonder Woman at the moment but we’re happy to leave her in development hell. And we’re lining up Green Lantern for Ryan Reynolds so he's out. Let’s see, who’s left…hmm…we’ve got the Wonder Twins, interested?”

    “The who?”

    “The Wonder Twins. They used to be supporting characters on the Super Friends”

    “The what?”

    “The Super Friends, it used to be big in the 70s”

    “The when?”

    “Never mind. Tell you what, I’ll give you Hawkman as a bonus, will that help?”

    “Throw in a tenth season and you’ve got yourself a deal”

    “Don’t get ahead of yourself, the ratings aren't that good”

  3. They DID at least get the awesome Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13 to play one of the twins, at least, heh

  4. Loved the episode, but...

    Mark, your comment had me laughing out loud. I could just see the meeting taking place. :-)

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  7. On the brightside, the Wonder Twins have a slightly higher profile in the comics now (they had their own mini-series a while ago and showed up in Young Justice last year as interns at the Hall of Justice), so I guess this episode aged well? Still a very strange choice.

  8. I liked it a lot more once I realized the imposter wasn't Zod but well-meaning idiots. I like imposter intrigue when it's not about ruining someone else's rep
    I loved the kiss, Lois standing on the phone book and kissing him with such intensity. I wish they didn't tease around with her finding out though.


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