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Stargate Universe: Water

‘Water’ had some interesting parts, but overall, I didn’t find it as compelling as last week’s episode. The episode did feature more “adventure” and less introspection, with the Young-Scott journey to Hoth and the on-ship confrontation with the sand entity, but the stakes just didn't feel as high this week (to be fair, how could they?). However, these situations served more as a means to explore the characters and their reactions, rather than as the sole focus of the episode, and I'm still liking this change in the story-telling approach. Even if it does sometimes feel like not much is happening.

Col. Young continues to grow on me from week to week. I enjoyed the running line about him having dealt with various situations a number of times (especially when they paid it off by having Scott point out that he’d dealt with losing people many times, too). My husband accused Young of having a bit of a “Kirk” streak for leading an “off-world” mission, and I have to agree that this move didn’t strike me as particularly smart given his medical condition. However, I can understand him wanting to get off the ship and take matters into his own hands, especially after seeing the ending scene in which he is being hounded relentlessly by needy crew members.

It was nice to see more of T.J. this week. I liked the way she handled herself when put in command, particularly with Greer and Rush. Strong, in charge, but not obstinate or unable to accept advice. She has a great demeanor. I want to see more of her character.

Still don’t care for Lt. Scott very much. I knew that he wasn’t really in any danger, but part of me was kind of hoping he would die on Hoth, even if it meant having to suffer through grief-stricken Chloe for a few weeks.

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised when the potential “love triangle” with Scott, Chloe, and Lt. James took an unexpected turn. After James caught Scott and Chloe together, I totally expected her to go all "scorned woman" on Chloe; instead she showed her compassion, and kept her mouth shut about Scott’s horndog ways. Maybe she’s planning to just take it out on Scott later (please?). I loved her line to him, “What, you couldn’t find a broom closet?”

Rush, once again, comes across as a total ass for much of the episode, but it is hard to argue the merits of his position. “Always consider the greater good.” Sure, the greater good in this case happens to coincide with saving his own butt, but does that make him wrong? He was a bit hard on Eli, but I thought he had some valid points. Eli is an idealist and rather immature in many ways. I’d hate to see his upbeat spirit and positive nature completely broken, but he needs to face the harsh reality in which they are trapped. I’m all for honesty, but sometimes compartmentalizing information is the best way to handle a situation, and it seemed like the right call in their circumstances.

Other Thoughts

My husband and I were discussing Greer and Scott, and we came to the conclusion that Scott, while a relatively good soldier, does not seem like a very good person. Greer, on the other hand, given his hot-headed, impulsive tendencies isn’t really the best soldier, but for whatever reason, he strikes me as a good person at this point.

Nice touch bringing back the entity from the sand planet, but the ultimate resolution to that crisis felt too simple. And what made them think that the entity wouldn’t just come back through the gate when Young and Scott returned? For that matter, why didn’t it? Was Ice Planet more desirable than Hot Sand Planet?

I liked the ending beat with Young doing a “captain’s log” style entry for the kino. We’re down one more crew member, since Corporal Gorman didn’t survive his encounter with the sand entity.

I could have done without the intense close-ups of Scott and Chloe making out. The producers seem to feel compelled to throw in a “sex” scene every week just for the sake of being edgy. Sigh. I’ve got no problem with sex having a place in the show --- it stands to reason that in those circumstances people would start hooking up. But don’t throw in overly sexualized scenes just to have them in there. Make it serve the plot.

Loved when Young sarcastically accused Rush of making up random numbers about the ship’s power reserves, and it turned out Eli had developed the estimate. “Uh, I actually pulled that number out of my ass. He’s not making it up.”

Final Analysis: Decent episode. I’m definitely still enjoying the character dynamics and insights, but I didn’t find this one as interesting as ‘Light.’

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. If I were reviewing this series and still giving stars, this episode would get three out of four, and the last one, Light, four out of four. I'm still enjoying this series a lot more than the last season of Atlantis, and every time they gate to a planet that isn't te woods outside Vancouver, I cheer. :)

    And I liked TJ in this episode. She did just fine in a command situation. Although I wonder how she keeps her intricate hairdo looking so good with a shortage of water, shampoo, and (we assume) mirrors?

  2. I've wondered about the hairdo, as well. For all the ladies. They somehow manage to keep their lovely locks in order despite the dire circumstances. A mystery. :) At least in T.J.'s case, the natural oils in dirty hair are supposed to help hold an updo.

  3. After this episode I had assumed that the sand entity consumed most of the water on the sand planet and that was why it was the way it was. Therefore I figure the ice planet was like an all you can consume buffet for them. In time, ice planet will be a dessert too? We will probably never know...


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