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Smallville: Warrior

Lois: "What was that whooshing sound?"

Sorry about the late review. But hey, here it is, and right under the wire.

Speaking of underwires... Clark's dislike of costumes is a big theme this season, isn't it? I loved the costumes at the comic book con, especially Lois dressed as a storm trooper doing a line from Star Wars, and later on... was that a Wonder Woman costume Lois was wearing? It was darker and classier than the familiar red, white and blue.

So this episode was fairly light, if you leave out little Alec's Faustian bargain and brief descent into evil. And I usually like episodes about Lois. It has only recently occurred to me that Erica Durance is my favorite Lois Lane, ever. (I like Tom Welling, but he's edged out by Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh.) I liked Zatanna this time, too. She's growing on me.

Warrior Angel has been mentioned so many times as Lex's favorite comic that I shouldn't have been surprised that he goes evil. Why did I think Devilicus was a separate character? This wasn't a hint that Clark is going to catch another bout of evil, was it?

The rest of the episode seemed to be a message that Clark needs to relax and give in to his desire to pursue Lois. And that Chloe has gotten too scary; she needs to relax and have some fun as well. That target practice scene was intriguing. Was Oliver hitting on Chloe? He's been with every other woman in the cast, after all. Which makes it sound like I don't like Oliver. I do like Oliver. And an Oliver/Chloe relationship would be interesting, to say the least.

This episode was directed by Allison Mack. Good job, Allison.
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Hi Billie,

    My first thoughts on Lois' costume were Xena. Then I noticed the red and blue colouring, the lasso (instead of the chakram) and the Amazon reference (though to be fair, that could apply to both). Lois' costume looks like old school Wonder Woman, circa 1940, to me.

    Wonder Woman Picture

    I enjoyed this one. It was light, fluffy and featured a lot of Lois and Clark. So, some nice respite after last weeks Hero-fest and the blandness of the Zod storyline. I quite like Smallville's stand alones. Particularly when they concentrate on story elements long overdue.

  2. When Zetanna was kissing Clark, he pulled away from her because of course the fact that he would be cheating. But that's twice now that he's snapped out of only an illusion of love or attraction because of Lois. I remember Clark being under similar spells before the whole "Clois" thing started. And no one pulled him out of those unless they were externally broken. Not even Lana was able to!

  3. And when Lois came out all sexy and wonderwomen, I swear Clark was definitely, putting it lightly, "checking her out" (looked at her but)


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