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Smallville: Conspiracy

Lois: "Zod. How did you end up in my nightmare on psycho street?"

What I liked about this one was the conflicting ways the Kandorians were portrayed.

First, they were totally sympathetic – two displaced sisters far from home, never to regain their powers. One of them was kidnapped by a mad man with an unfortunate resemblance to Pinhead who imprisoned her in big Zip-lock bag. And then we found out it was happening because the woman and her Kandorian buddies were experimenting on human beings. (Bad.) And then we found out it was human cadavers. (Not so bad.) Whom they were accidentally bringing back to life in a Frankensteinian way. (Really bad.)

All of this back-and-forthing also happened with Zod, whose only motive appeared to be protecting his people (good.) He even died in their defense (also good). At one point, I was actually thinking, "Poor Zod." Poor Zod? Just to make the good guy Kryptonian thing more obvious, Zod masqueraded as a reporter and chatted up Lois while wearing Clark Kent's glasses. And then Clark's magic healing blood gave Zod his powers. Which is, of course, really stupendously bad. Especially since Zod can fly. Tell me again why Clark can't fly? And can Zod pass his powers on to the other Kandorians the same way? I can't believe this was what Zod intended all along, though. No one is that diabolical.

At least we got a lot of Lois, who is one of the main reasons I'm still watching this show. And I am happy to report that they may have gone there with Oliver and our diabolical darling, Chloe – even though all we got were sparks without smoochies. They seem to fit better together than any other pairing either of them has had in the past. And as I know I've said before, Chloe deserves her very own superhero love interest – and this one's also a billionaire who looks incredible without a shirt. (Notice how nearly every episode with any significant Oliver content has a scene in which he is not wearing much. And thank you.)

There was another reference to "The Wall." Dan is still pleased that they're actually doing the Suicide Squad. I don't know what that is, but if Dan thinks it's good, it probably is.

I should probably mention that Smallville has been renewed; we're getting a tenth season. I sort of can't believe it. As I've mentioned probably way too many times, I honestly believe Smallville should have ended two seasons ago. Michael Rosenbaum's terrific portrayal of young Lex Luthor, his battle with his internal demons and his inevitable and tragic descent into evil was the big reason I got into Smallville.

I will probably continue reviewing until the end of season nine, but I have no plans to review season ten.
Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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  1. Hi Billie!

    I just realised you stopped counting Smallville's "hits".
    Another sign of lost love?


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