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Moonlight: Fever

Beth: "You're a delicate flower, Mick St. John."

Tonight's theme was trust.

The romantic content certainly took a step up, starting with flirtation while detecting together, and ending with that passionate bite in the bathtub. Mick trusted Beth with his weakness, and in return, she trusted him with her life as she saved his. And she was devastated when she thought he was dead. She even lashed out at her boyfriend, wondering if she had made a mistake trusting him with Mick's life.

And that was a big one, because Beth's relationship with Josh appears to be so good. Josh continued to be cool, too, showing that he believed in Beth and that he deserved her trust. It's always a lot more interesting when the guy the heroine is with instead of the hero is actually worthy of her love and fidelity, isn't it? Beth is starting to experience the love triangle blues. And now that she's starting to care for Mick, the vampire stuff isn't quite so amusing any more.

There was another romantic door/camera scene a la La Femme Nikita that was my top candidate for Most Obvious Symbolism. Mick desperately wants to let Beth in emotionally, to get involved with her, but he just can't take that final step. The two of them on either side of his door also reminded me of that intensely romantic Buffy/Spike crypt door scene in the Buffy episode "Dead Things." Interestingly, that episode was also about trust.

In the closing scenes of this episode, Beth had a clumsy, bloody bandage on her arm. That was obvious symbolism, too, for her newly vulnerable emotional state. She got hurt physically and emotionally this time, and we could tell what hurt her more.

Mick had his shirt off or open a lot during this episode. Alex O'Loughlin has extensive tattoos, so he must have been wearing extremely good makeup. Especially considering the fact that he was sitting in a bathtub; it must have been waterproof too. And it's not that I wanted Alex to sit in a tub of icy water for hours, which isn't physically possible anyway, but couldn't they have found some more realistic-looking plastic ice cubes?

Bits and pieces:

— I liked Leni. She was fun, a nicely written character. But she didn't seem curious about the reason for Mick's bizarre condition. Maybe she just wasn't the curious type. After all, she was working as a nanny for an arms dealer. Who does that on purpose?

— The trial happened immediately and was over just as quickly, like, that very evening. Nobody who has ever been on jury duty is going to believe that.

— I again loved the Mick and Josef scene. I'm pretty sure I loved every Mick/Josef scene in the entire series.

— Mick fought in World War II.

— I'm still waiting for Beth and Mick to have the "your wife kidnapped me and you rescued me and killed her" discussion.


Beth: "It's just that being on the hunt with you is kind of fun."
Mick: "Yeah, it's a giant thrill ride that never ends. You know, sometimes it does end with terrible screams and bloodshed."

Mick: (as the helicopter was approaching) "You had to piss off an arms dealer, didn't you?"

My favorite so far, probably because it was the most romantic. Three out of four obviously fake ice cubes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Great summary of Fever! This is also one of my favorite episodes of Moonlight...

  2. Josef wasn't in this episode was he? The detective plot was actually enjoyable this time around,and I even enjoyed the assassin.


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