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Vampire Diaries: Let the Right One In

“Revenge. They want revenge.”

Our heroes and our villains are choosing sides. Damon, Elena, and Alaric made an alliance to save Stefan, the tombies are replaying the civil war, and Jeremy is trying to bat for the other team. With only five episodes left until the finale, it seems like some serious battle lines are being drawn.

Alaric and Damon—are the kids writing the slash fiction about them yet? They should be. Alaric wants to kill Damon, and definitely judged him for killing nice Ms. Gibbons. But he also agreed with Damon’s assessment of Elena’s chances for surviving chez tombie, and I caught a glimmer of respect in his eyes when Damon refused to risk Elena’s life. Plus, he saved Damon’s life. They were bad-ass.

Damon, for all his psychopathic tendencies, really does step into protector role when Stefan is gone, doesn’t he? Does he do it for Stefan? For Elena? For himself? My money is on him not knowing why he does it. Damon is guiding by more than just animal instinct, he just doesn’t know it.

As I am not a Mayor Lockwood fan, I very much enjoyed Pearl tricking him into thinking she was interested as a ploy to get more information. She wound up getting more than she bargained for, though: now she knows about Anna’s interest in Jeremy, and that Jeremy is a Gilbert. I wonder how Pearl would feel about turning Jeremy. I could see her making a case for it, both ways.

This was an incredibly violent episode. Lots of punching and blood and random staking. Whereas Damon, Stefan, Pearl, Anna, and even Isobel are focused on manipulating circumstances to their liking, the rest of the tombies, especially the surly ringleader, just like to hurt people.

Meanwhile (I use that word a lot in these reviews, don’t I? It’s because there are so many subplots.)…anyway, Meanwhile, just as Matt’s mom got into a happy, maternal, mystery-casserole place, Caroline discovers Vicki’s body buried in the outback. Poor Matt. Poor Matt’s mom. Poor Jeremy and Tyler, who found out at the same moment, from Mayor Lockwood, who didn’t even try (or know to try) to break it to them gently.


• Anna: “I’m not going to turn someone who, everything they know about vampires they learned from Netflix.” And let's not forget the chat rooms. Wait, let's do forget those.

• Elena: “I’m not blaming you, Damon. I’ve accepted the fact that you’re a self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities.”

• Damon: “I have two liters of soccer mom in the fridge.”

• Damon: “Your merry little band of vampires spent the day torturing my brother.”

And Pieces:

• Did Anna have a lone braid in the back of her hair? Has she been watching Lost?

• I am surprised that vampires from the 1860s would enjoy loud, mediocre rock.

• Stefan is dark and scary now that he’s had a taste of human blood. Can Elena deal? More importantly, what does it mean that her boyfriend is supercreepy, but her ex needs more of a huge than Caroline can provide?

Three out of four mystery casseroles.

(Screencap courtesy of vampire-diaries.net. Thanks!)

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. First of all, TWO LITERS?? They must have drained the moms of half the league! It was a funny line, though.

    Never noticed a braid, but I've always wondered why Anna's hair seems always to be dirty.

  2. You mean halfly drained a mom of the league, surely? The average human contains about 5 litres of blood. I do so love a nice nit to pick.

  3. Yes, Stefan is creepier of the brothers. I mean his face was all scary and he had some blood stains in his face.

    Unlike Damon who's so very adorable and kills people only out of necessity... or when he feels like it.


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