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Moonlight: The Mortal Cure

Coraline: "I think Beth is starting to like me. She didn't stab me this time."

Gotta love a flashback re-writing the entire French Revolution. It's over the top, but you know, it actually makes story sense. A vampire genocide explains why there aren't vampires everywhere. Coraline being royalty explains her arrogance and sense of entitlement. And the guillotine explains why a mortal cure exists at all. But why does Coraline's nasty brother Lance even care that she took the compound? Are they expecting another vampire genocide in this day and age?

It was also rather nice to discover that Coraline really does love Mick, that she turned human because she wanted to experience love again. Mick didn't seem inclined to chase after her and rescue her. Although somehow I think that if the series had continued, Lance and Coraline and the French Vampire Royal Family would have come back. You don't introduce a plotline like that for part of one episode.

Mick turning human was an interesting thing for them to do so early in the series. Doesn't it feel like a season two plot, or possibly season three? Of course, if they hadn't done it at this point, we never would have gotten it at all. And it was worth it, just for that scene with Mick sitting in front of all that food.

No more Josh, no more Coraline, and Mick and Beth are both human. So much for all of the obstacles keeping Mick and Beth apart. After a decent period of mourning for Josh, what's keeping them from living happily ever after in the sunshine? Well, it's obvious. You can feel that Mick being human is temporary. This is a series about a vampire/human romance, after all. Beauty and the Beast doesn't work if they're both beauties. And Mick immediately needed his powers, and didn't have them. Maybe this experience will teach him to accept his vampire nature, and remind him that being human isn't all good food and lying in the sunshine.

The one false note was Beth hijacking Josh's date with Celeste the jeweler. I'm sorry, but if you're having your grandmother's ring adjusted or whatever because you want to propose to your girlfriend, you pick it up at the jewelry store. You don't make an appointment to meet your pretty jeweler at a fancy restaurant for dinner. I think that was just a bit of poor writing, though, not a reflection on the saint-like Josh.

Let me rave for a moment about David Blue as Logan, the undead basement geek. If Moonlight had continued, I would have loved it if they'd added him to the cast. But of course, if Moonlight had continued and they'd added him to the cast, he wouldn't have gotten a bigger role in Stargate Universe. David Blue may just be one of those actors who is destined to hit sooner or later. Plus he has a really cool name.

Bits and pieces:

— Louis XVI was the only monarch ever to be executed with a guillotine. And he was indeed one of eight siblings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_XVI_of_France

— Dan observed that if Mick is stronger than the run of the mill vampire, it might be explained by the fact that he was turned by vampire royalty.

— The CGI they used to black out Lance's eye was too obvious. Maybe the actor had trouble with the contact lens. I know I would. Still, when he vamped out, the one black eye and one white eye was fun.

— Loved Coraline's best friend Cynthia lounging in a tub full of ice. Note that they got better fake ice cubes this time. (See "Fever".)

— The wonderful cleaner was back. I love the cleaner. Was that the same cleaner?

Three out of four better fake ice cubes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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