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Moonlight: What’s Left Behind

“Children are a precious gift. I just like their blood.”

This episode felt like an ode to pre-modernism LA architecture. Back when times were simpler, people used coal, men were men (and not vampires), and women built airplanes but couldn’t change spark plugs. Oh, and those manly men slept with their presumed-dead best friend’s wife and nearly sired an illegitimate child who was raised by someone else. Y’know: the good ol’ days.

In her review of “Click,” Billie noticed that most of the barriers separating Mick and Beth had disappeared. This episode reminded us of another: all the life that Mick lived before he knew Beth, either as an adult or a child. I found this overwhelmingly touching, especially because it reminded me so much of Jack and Ianto’s conversation about precisely this topic in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Beth and Mick have tabled the having-kids issue, at least for now, but it does introduce a potential problem—I wonder if it would have been explored later. Josef wishes he’d had a child—and he doesn’t even believe in regrets. Since this is my last Moonlight review (Billie’s doing the final episode), I want to say one last time: Jason Dohring is delightful.

Lots about monsters this week. In the closet, hiding in disused basements covered over by freeways, even the monstrous toys (like the T. rex) that the boy used as plastic guardians. Mick connected (or pretended to connect) with the kidnapper over their shared love of the dark, but his having possibly sired a child reminds us that he’s still got a lot of humanity, even if he’s not human.

So Beth’s an investigator for the DA now? That’s great. Mostly because I said to myself at the beginning of the episode “I wonder if she can be an investigator for the DA now?” Psychic powers, indeed.


• Guy: “You seem familiar, somehow.”
Beth: “Oh, he was all over TMZ last week.”

• Beth: “What about a lock of hair from a family Bible or something?” Oh, gross. Who keeps their extra hair in a Bible? That’s what shrines are for.

• Mick: “Should I be jealous?”
Beth: “Of course. Even if I have no romantic interest in him, your jealousy makes me feel desirable.”

• Josef: “I left my cell phone here. I spent 400 years without one, and now I can’t go a day.”
• Beth: “I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We haven’t even slept together yet. It may not be any good.”

And Pieces:

• “Italy” looks an awful lot like the same part of Griffith Park where they filmed “Love Lasts Forever.” And the exterior shots of the house looked like Wisteria Lane.

• This episode felt like an ode to pre-modernism LA architecture.

• When I was little, I was afraid of the monster that lived in the living room. I would protect myself by putting a bowl of water with a ribbon in it outside my bedroom door. The plan was that the monster would fall into the bowl of water, get caught in the ribbon, and drown. It worked well: I was never eaten.

Another good one:

Three out of four Echo Parks.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)

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  1. The flashbacks were not up to Highlander standards, but the idea of Mick having descendants was a good one. I thought it would have been a braver writing choice to make it so. Of course, the point was that there would be no kids for Mick and Beth. At least Beth got to rescue her inner kidnapped child in a outer sort of way.


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