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Dexter: First Blood

Lumen: "If you had something horrible happen to you, could you just forget about it and move on?"

Well, no.

Dexter has spent his life reacting to something horrible that happened to him. Which is why I found this episode frustrating. Geez, Dexter. You obviously want to hunt them down. Lumen desperately needs help hunting them down. Will you just give up the fight and hunt them down, already?

Is it just "Harry" that's stopping Dexter, his inner voice of self-preservation? Is Dexter afraid that Lumen will take that first murderous step (first blood) and become a serial killer, too? Is he worried that he'll eventually have to kill her if he gets further involved? Probably all of the above. Yes, Lumen is a risk, but come on – is there anything in Dexter's life that isn't a risk? Lumen is desperate, and Dexter is her best option. Who knows? Maybe they'll bond and she'll be able to handle what he really is. Stranger things have happened.

So trust issues were the theme of the day, and not just between Dexter and Lumen. Deb wanted to sleep with Quinn while continuing to keep him at a distance, while Quinn reciprocated by not telling Deb the truth about his "time off." And Maria won't talk to Angel, even though she went above and beyond to get him off the hook. Admirable on her part, but she knows she is married to a sweet but macho detective. Why was she surprised that he followed her, or by his reaction?

Dexter can't let go and trust that things with Harrison will be okay, either. The thing with Mommy and Me and the cut on the cheek was almost funny; it was so symbolic of Dexter's fear that his son will wind up like him, right down to the specimen slides. Dexter and Deb are experiencing some conflict, too. Dexter doesn't understand why Deb is sleeping with Quinn when she doesn't even like him. I'm sort of with Dexter there.

Quinn, who deliberately tried to kiss Deb in front of Dexter, has now recruited RoboCop. Could be interesting. Peter Weller is an interesting actor. That was a fun scene in the bar.

Bits and pieces:

-- How many of you knew that Lumen wouldn't get on the plane? That many, huh? To be fair, she probably meant to go before the airport people patted her down. That was an effective scene.

-- Lots of boats in the background. Yes, there are often boats since it's Miami, but it just seemed like more than usual. The one behind Lumen at the restaurant said, "Spirit" and was tied up at the dock. Could that be our Most Obvious Symbolism? Lumen was ripping up sugar packets during that scene, too.

-- The Santa whatever killings are piling up. And rotting. Yech.

-- That was some tatt Masuka had on his back. Very Masuka.

-- Katherine Moennig, who played tatt virtuoso Michael Angelo, also played my favorite character on The L-Word. Was it just L-Word vibes, or was she coming on to Deb?

-- Dexterino?

-- Dexter nearly killed Boyd's buddy at the Florida Welcome Center. I didn't think Dexter ever used a kill room twice. It's where he kept Lumen, too. Isn't that a bit risky for ubercareful Dexter?

-- Those two women at Mommy and Me were gossiping about what happened to Rita. Maybe Dexter should think seriously about relocating.

-- Tuttle Bridge was too creepy. Bleah. To be honest, though, I don't feel at all outraged that convicted pedophiles and sex offenders can't live a normal life. Their victims can't, either.


Dexter: "Masuka didn't begin to keep up with the case load."
Deb: "Well, good luck getting the midget porn off your hard drive."

Angel: "Would you ever..."
Deb: "I would rather put a campfire out with my face."

Masuka: "Tramp stamp. I think I'm in love."
Deb: "She's into needles. Why don't you show her your dick?"

Dexter: "Is there darkness in Harrison? Or is it just my own fear being reflected back?" The second one, Dexter.

I never give a Dexter episode less than three stars, but I was sort of frustrated with this one. What did you guys think?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. It's strting to look like the show producers aren't paying attention anymore to the actual killings. I mean I already wondered how Dexter disposed of the body of the guy he killed in the bathroom in broad daylight but how did he get Boyd's Cellmate into his Killroom.

    He assaulted him surrounded by people. Did he drag the guy all the way to his car through 100 angry sex offenders ???
    Just seams too easy.

  2. Are they actually going to go the all of a sudden lesbian route with Deb? I already had vibes about Cira but now Michael Angelo. I suppose I'd prefer that to her with Quinn (yuck)

    As for the comment above I think they've established that Dexter is very resourceful. He's been in and out of many sticky situations, I don't think they need to explain how every time. Plus it leaves more time for character and story development, every bit counts when you only have 13 Episodes to a season.

  3. What was wrong with this episode? Almost zero suspense. Too much LaGuerta/Angel drama. Too much Quinn/Deb idiocy. I still don't like Cira. And... drumroll... not enough Dexter. I almost felt he was sidelined for this episode. I did not like it.

    Still, I have to give it 3 stars because I did like:
    1. How Dexter stood up to the Mommy and Me Gossipers, and got scratched for his trouble. I'm not a fan of a an evil baby thing, but they are handling the possiblity well.
    2. Masuka's tat. Very Masuka indeed. Dexterino was also very Masuka. I like Masuka.
    3. The airport pat-down scene. I felt it was very good, and it was the first time I was impressed by Julia Stiles' acting.
    4. It is Dexter. It may not always be fantastic, but I still have faith that things will come together.

    @Felipe: I thought Dexter had 12 episodes, not 13. I agree with you, though, about trusting that Dexter doesn't need to show us his entire kidnap/kill process every time.

  4. Nice spot with Spirit Billie, I didn't notice. Definitely the weeks MOS.

    Katherine Moennig (who I prefer to think of as Shane) appears to be an insanely hot lesbian with ability to create sexual tension from thin air, no matter what universe she's in! But I don't think that Deb has any gay tendencies. I thought it was strange that they kept the tramp stamp receiver in shot in the background during Deb's phone conversation - it felt a bit gratuitous.

    I also wonder how Dexter got a drugged man back to his car without anyone noticing or wondering. Presumably paedos and sex offenders aren't that much of a brotherhood but surely there would be eyebrows raised at least?

  5. I give it a three, it's watchable and has its moments.I skip the Laguerta/Angel parts though. Kind of boring. MCH needed a break sometimes, he did finish fighting cancer and he can't be in every scene, that's tiring.


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