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Dexter: Everything is Illumenated

Dexter: "This isn't how I was planning to spend my evening."

Exceptionally suspenseful and exciting episode.

Dexter kept saying that he could keep it simple, logical, compartmentalized: doing his job, raising his son, killing evil people in his spare time. Bull. It was fascinating watching Dexter's compartmentalized life get completely blown apart by Lumen. Good thing that Dexter thinks unbelievably quickly on his feet, huh?

It wasn't an accident that Dexter sent Lumen to his old house. Subconsciously, or possibly even consciously, he wanted her to know it all, to fill the void that Rita and Harry left in his life. Lumen is already much like Rita (and for that matter, Dexter's mother): a sweet and lovely blonde victim of male violence, someone he can protect and avenge as he can no longer avenge Rita. It's even possible that Lumen, a budding vigilante, will see Dexter as he really is and not only accept him, but actually approve.

But I can just feel that it will end badly, and not just because of the massive omen of Dexter coming home and finding her in the same bathtub where Rita was killed. Lumen completely screwed up her first murder. Although, to give her credit, her instincts about her victim were valid, and if Dexter had helped her out in the first place as he really should have, it wouldn't have happened.

(One moment in that whole mess stood out for me. Lumen had a diagonal streak of blood on her cheek, and Dexter carefully cleaned it away with his thumb. It is exactly the opposite of what he does to all of his victims.)

So Deb is moving out. Makes sense, since it was Dexter's apartment long before it was hers. Please tell me she's not moving in with Quinn. At least I can be sure it won't last, because Deb will eventually find out about Quinn's vendetta against Dexter, or Dexter will find a way to get rid of Quinn. More collisions. Fascinating. Wouldn't it be cool if this was the season Deb finds out about her brother? (I wonder how many times I've put that sentence in one of my Dexter reviews?)

Angel thinks Deb and Quinn would make a great couple. Then again, he just married Maria LaGuerta, which doesn't make him an authority on relationships. Then again, Angel and Maria might make it, after all. They've apologized to each other. And as a make-up gift, he brought her a witness instead of a puppy, showing that he has some idea of what matters to her. Nice misdirect there; Dan and I both fell for it.

Harrison's first word was "bye-bye." Hilarious that Dexter heard it as "die-die." Could that be an omen, too?

Bits and pieces:

-- Dexter and Lumen finally connected while sitting in front of the bathtub. The action keeps coming back to that house.

-- Masuka explaining his version of the crime scene in pantomime was very funny. I love Masuka. From a distance. What a terrific character he is.

-- Masuka was looking at the hose nozzle. Did Lumen leave her fingerprints on it, perhaps?

-- Was this the first time we actually saw Dexter plastic wrap a victim?

-- Lumen is a runaway bride. That's interesting. I wonder if her jilted honey will eventually show up?

-- RoboCop has a name now: Stan Liddy.

-- Deb's first word was "shoes."

-- Julia Stiles looked really good as a brunette, didn't she?


Deb: "Quinn's place is all Quinn."
Dexter: "A vast, empty space."

Lance, Dexter's next victim: "You must be ten inches of pure steel."
Dexter: "You betcha."

Deb: "So, hypothetically, an office romance is just the worst idea ever."
Angel: "I would advise against it."

Dexter: "It's Luminol."
Lumen: "Luminol."
Dexter: "No relation."

Lumen: "What are you?"
Dexter: "Complicated."

Deb: "What in the mother of fuck went on in here?"
Masuka: "I know exactly what happened. Two words. Autoerotic mummification. See, Mister Plastic Man shot Captain Bloody Underpants while Underpants is in the choke..."

Deb: (to Quinn) "I have feelings for you."
Billie: "Nooooooooooo!"

Loved it. Four out of four nozzles with possible incriminating fingerprints on them,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Masuka explaining what happened with that solemn music was one of the funniest moments ever in this show. I laugh out loud when I remember it.

    One other thing I noticed is that Dexter is very witty in his inner monologue, but rarely does he make such comments. When he said "luminol. No relation", he was already at easy enough to show her how he is inside.

  2. I have been having bit of a fan girl moment this season of Dexter. The actress who plays the nanny (Maria Doyle Kennedy) played Katharine of Aragon on The Tudors.

    I really like Quinn. I prefer Desmond Harrington than his character in Gossip Girl.

  3. Aside from the kill (and Deb admitting she had feelings for Quinn) this was a great episode. There were far too many loose ends at the kill scene for Deb to have bought the (funny as hell) story that Masuka played out.

    Loved the scene with Dex and Lumen in the bathroom. The way he listened to her tell her story, reminded me of a child. I have to say I wouldn't be to upset if they keep the Lumen character around.

  4. My take on the fire hose was that Masuka was making a joke not to touch it because it may have been ummm inserted somewhere.

  5. You know why I liked Doakes better than Quinn? Not just because Erik King was a better actor (Harrington is good, but not THAT good), but because Doakes was a good guy. He simply sensed something about Dexter that others couldn't, and fought hard to the point of self-destruction to unveil him.

    Dexter saw Quinn steal money and Quinn has had a stick up his ass ever since. Quinn is all about Quinn. And he's nowhere near as smart or strong as Doakes was. Why do I get the feeling that Lumen will off him by season's end?

  6. On the heels of Anonymous thought about Lumen offing Quinn - what if Quinn was one of the rapists?

  7. I laughed aloud the moment I saw the scene. I mean.. a dead naked guy wrapped in a plastic with another dead guy tied down. hahaha. Another genius move from Dexter.

  8. I really love this episode!

    But what's the full quote of Masuki about mister plastic man killing captain bloody underpants?

  9. Masuka explaining the crime scene had me in stitches.


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