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NewsFlash: Superman returns?

The 'who should play Superman' controversy has just reignited.

For quite awhile, we've been told that there would be a completely new cast. No Brandon Routh. Possibly Tom Welling. True Blood fans have been rooting for werewolf Joe Manganiello, who may have the most amazing chest on television.

Now that Zack Snyder is in charge, Brandon Routh is in the running again. Snyder says that he is aware of the significant fan support Routh has behind him. I'm one of those supporting fans. I want Brandon Routh.

Yes, Superman Returns was a flawed movie; I was wowed in the theater despite its problems, but the weaknesses get more and more obvious after a couple of viewings. Kevin Spacey wasn't quite right as Lex, although that might have been a writing or directing issue, not an acting issue. Kate Bosworth just wasn't Lois Lane. But I liked Brandon Routh in that movie; I liked him a lot. I thought he was big screen gorgeous, he projected tremendous strength as well as vulnerability, and I believed him in the part.

There seems to be a significant groundswell for Tom Welling, though. After all, he's been auditioning for ten years; Smallville wouldn't have lasted this long if he wasn't a believable Clark Kent. I like Tom Welling and I'd be okay with him in the role -- but only if they also give us Erica Durance as Lois Lane. Of all the Loises, she is my favorite; she's one of the main reasons I'm still watching Smallville. And if they have to bring back Lex Luthor, what about Michael Rosenbaum? Of all of the Lexes that ever Lexed, he was by far my favorite Lex.

What do you think? Routh? Welling? Either? Possibly Joe Manganiello (see photo on the right)? Someone else? Vote in the poll, and feel free to post a comment. I am really curious about whether or not I'm alone in my Brandon Routh love.

This poll is now closed! Results are as follows:
Brandon Routh 44%
Tom Welling 31%
Either 4%
Joe Manganiello 8%
Someone else 13%


  1. I'm sorry, I'm with John Campea on the Superman-issue...


  2. I'm with Billie, I hope Routh gets a second stab at the role. He was the best thing about Superman Returns.

    If not I think Jon Hamm would be perfect. I can easily picture him as the man of steel and nerdy Clark Kent but since they seem to be looking for a young Superman he might be too old for the role now.

  3. I voted for "either". But if we get Welling (and Durance & Rosenbaum) I would really want the next Superman movie to fit Smallville's continuity, and chances for that are propably dim :-(

    Mark Greig's nomination for Jon Hammm is great as well. Imagine his Mad Men look for Superman, and his 30 Rock look for Clark. :D
    But I read Zack Snyder wants to do an early Superman story, and Jon Hamm may be too old for that :-(

  4. I like Jon Hamm a lot. He's an outstanding actor; Don Draper feels like a real (and very annoying) person. But despite the fact that he looks exactly like Clark Kent in the comics, I just don't see him as the Man of Steel. And he's just a tiny bit older than the part, too.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. Which is sort of what this post is all about.

  5. I think the trickiest thing with trying to cast a role like Superman is finding someone who can effortlessly get right both aspects of the character; the nerdy farm boy from Kansas and the all-powerful last son of Krypton.

    If I squint hard enough I can sorta see Joe Manganiello as Superman but not as Clark Kent.

  6. Welling can't act. So he's out. Routh was ok,but would prefer a change if it is to be a darker kind of version.

  7. I'm no fan of Tom Welling as an actor, though to be fair I've never seen him play anyone else than Clark. Truth be told, he's one of the reasons I quit watching Smallville.

    I didn't much care for "Superman Returns" either (find out why here *shameless plug*), but I think Brandon Routh deserves a second chance with perhaps better material.

    I could see Matthew Bomer (Bryce from Chuck) as Superman. That or Kate Blanchet. She can play anything, and make it work.

    As for Lex Luthor, how about Javier Bardem? Or if they're going to keep the comical take from the movies (and I hope they don't), Jeremy Piven?

    But here's what I really want to lobby for: Selma Blair as Lois Lane. She's wanted the role since forever, and a motivated worker is a good worker in my book.

  8. Im with Dimitri. I think Matt Bomer would do a great job. He was originally supposed to play clark Kent back when Brett Ratner was supposed to be the director but when Ratner left and Bryan Singer took over they picked Brandon Routh instead. You can still find some japanese car comericals where Matt plays Clark.

  9. I voted for Joe Manganiello. I think he would be a great casting choice for Superman.
    Plus that chest in blue stretch material? Would not mind that AT ALL.

  10. Shave Clancy Brown's head. Give him the role of Lex Luthor. He's the best Luthor there's ever been.

  11. While I'm not Tom Welling's biggest fan, I think that after 10 years he's kind of MADE himself fit the role, and I think he should get a shot at it - but it'd only work with the rest of Smallville's cast, in my opinion. Having the movie as a sort of lead-on from the series finale sounds like a great idea. Michael Rosenbaum and Erica Durance playing their roles would be more than enough for me to watch the movie.

  12. I second anoynmus nomination for Clancy Brown as (evil) Lex Luthor

  13. Clancy Brown has been and would be terrific as Lex, I agree. And just because I know the name will bring a lot of smiles, I want to point out James Masters played Lex in the Superman Doomsday movie.


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