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Dexter: Beauty and the Beast

Dexter: "The babysitter doesn't trust me because of the lies. Lumen doesn't trust me because of the truth."

This is why Dexter isn't like other shows. Where else can you find such a deeply weird dramatic situation?

It wasn't bad enough that Lumen (what a great name) was tortured and nearly stuffed in a barrel by the despicable Boyd; she asked Dexter if he was going to sell her. Sell her? What the hell happened to that poor woman? Did Boyd have partners, or something? Did he belong to a victim of the month club?

Lumen is not Rita, but Dexter may be seeing her that way. He tends to take emotional baby steps – learning to trust, telling the truth – and he is still looking for someone to take Harry's place, someone he can trust and reveal his innermost self to. I was getting romantic vibes, too. Dexter would never have been able to tell Rita his secret; it would have been impossible for her to accept. But Lumen seems to need someone with Dexter's special skills, someone who can save her from really bad people. It might be a match made in – well, whatever.

Speaking of weird relationships, I knew Deb would go back to Quinn. (Maybe she just wants a quiet place to sleep.) And yes, Quinn was actually rather cool for a change in that kiss and not tell (and middle finger) scene with Masuka. But if Deb knew Quinn was after Dexter, she'd not only drop him, she'd drop-kick him. Maria was not amused, either.

Oddly, Jonah Mitchell didn't seem to be ready to identify Dexter as Kyle Butler. I wonder why? Those poor Mitchells. They'll probably spend their lives in protective custody and will never get closure.

Angel and Maria are being subjected to a witch hunt. I'm betting on Matthews. And Maria keeps giving Angel orders. I don't think either situation is good for their marriage.

Bits and pieces:

-- Dexter kept Lumen in the abandoned Florida welcome center. Most Obvious Symbolism.

-- The letter suggested that Lumen left her family deliberately, but she seems a bit mature to be a runaway.

-- Babies. Better for distracting and buttering up your workmates than donuts. Maybe Mary Poppins won't turn out to have some horrible secret, after all. Dexter really does need someone to watch the baby or the show is going to get terribly boring.

-- Dexter really is better at a crime scene than Masuka. Not that that surprises me.

-- Michael C. Hall took his shirt off twice. For someone who was seriously ill not so long ago, he's looking good.

-- That scene with the Fuentes guy and the machete and the neck. Ick. I assume Deb will get compensation for that outfit.

-- The word "Lumen" has several weird and interesting definitions in anatomy, botany and physics, but I bet this particular character name is symbolically about light. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/lumen


Masuka: "Dexterous!"
Dexter: "Vince."

Dexter: "Has anyone been smoking in here?"
Masuka: "It's 2010. Who smokes?"
I used to live in Virginia. People in Virginia still smoke. And not just ham.

Masuka: "So. Machete and tiparillo. Definitely styling."
Deb: "Fuck me in both ears."
Fuck me in both ears? I ran it twice. That's what she said.

Sonya: "Never lie to someone who trusts you. Never trust someone who lies to you."

Definitely intriguing, and in a different way than previous seasons. Three out of four crowded Miami apartments,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Fuck me in both ears!!! Yes! Best line in the whole of four and a bit seasons of Dexter. It was such a Deb line too.

    I am glad you mentioned about Lumen being related to light Billie, because I just thought "Huh, why is she named after a piece of a chloroplast?!" But now I come to think of it, a lumen is also a channel or space in the middle of a tube. So she could be empty inside, or could be a channel through which Dexter can move on. Wildly speculative!

    Quinn made a really stupid move approaching Jonah when his handler/bodyguard was 2 metres away. I'm not saying there would have been alot of opportunities but he could have been a lot more surreptitious - he must have known his job could have been on the line. I wonder if Jonah will get in touch?

    Billie, I think that it's not that Nanny McPhee will have a horrible secret, but that she'll either find out Dexter's horrible secret or she'll become someone's victim. Either way I imagine that Harrison is going to be taken from Dexter, this show just doesn't like happy endings. Sonia would make a good candidate for adoptive parent of Harrison. Again, wildly speculative!

  2. Great episode.
    I too got a romantic vibe between Dexter and Lumen. She's obviously full of desire for revenge, maybe Dexter can mold her correctly rather than the horrible botchud that was Jimmy Smits character.

    Two other thoughs: Jonah probably didn't identify Dexter because he was happy to see his father go, wasn't he?

    That IA guy...is he trying to get Maria to blow him in order to drop the case? Sure felt that way. Icky.

    Dexter, I mean the series, keeps surprising me. I love surprises.


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