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Smallville: Supergirl

Lois: "I think it's time to blow this bondage ball."

Lois is back (yay), and she still knows about Clark, with no convenient amnesia (yay)! It was like when Chloe first knew, but didn't tell Clark that she knew. And of course, Lois knows that Clark and Kara are two of a kind, not meteor freaks at all. Did Carter tell Lois that Clark was an alien? I don't think he did, did he?

I was not a fan of Laura Vandervoort's Supergirl back when she was a cast member. Maybe I would have been if she'd been more like this. (Or maybe it's that I've started to like her a lot in V.) I even liked The Costume. If only she'd been able to get Clark into the air. Bet we'll have to wait for the series finale to see him fly.

And even though it's apparently not in the tradition of the comic book original, I rather like the idea of Darkseid as a psychological threat. It has great dramatic possibilities, especially with Clark's doubts making him a possible victim. Other than Lois and Kara, who have been established as pure in spirit, I wonder who else we're going to see possessed by Darkseid this season? Oliver? Tess? Chloe? (Come back, Chloe!)

As much as I enjoyed this episode, I have to say that the bondage club was outright ridiculous. There was so much patent leather that the reflections bouncing off of it all were blinding. And how come Lois was able to acquire that costume and wig and actually get into it – and look good in it – in the space of five minutes? At least we had Lois telling Kara to "blend in." That was pretty funny.

So Kara has a new cover identity, with Clark Kent glasses, even. And Oliver no longer has a secret identity at all. I bet he's going to regret telling the world that he's Green Arrow. And I bet this will turn into an object lesson for Clark.

Bits and pieces:

— Kara told Clark that Jor-El has "let him go." Good news. Or should I say, good riddance.

— Way, way, way too many bondage double entendres.

— UberGirl, PowerGirl, MegaGirl. Again, I bet we'll have to wait for the series finale.

— Come on. It's impossible to get a print book published in three weeks.

— No mention of the poison thingy that disappeared into our heroes. I neglected to mention it last week. Mostly because I have no theories and can't imagine what it is. And partly because it slipped my mind.

Another good episode. Three out of four blindingly shiny patent leather bondage outfits,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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  1. Glad to see that you're still reviewing Smallville on a regular basis. Even better to see you're still enjoying it! MY theory is that the "poison thingy" that Deadshot used last week was to allow the suicide squad to track our heroes, and take them out if if they become too much of a threat. Kind of a convoluted plan, since Rick Flagg had absolutely no problem finding them the first time, but it is Smallville after all. And I say that as a loving fan, but logic and continuity has never been one of the show's stronger points. At least they seem to be trying harder int hat department this season. And hey, Clark's even actively trying to do things for himself now. Loved his attempt at flight, even though he damaged the barn for the umpteemth time. :)


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