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Supernatural: Weekend at Bobby's

Bobby: "I'm damned if I'm going to sit around and be damned."

It can get awkward when a supporting character, even a strong one, has to carry an entire episode. Not this time, I'm happy to say.

Bobby has a busy, extremely stressful life. The Winchesters constantly call on him for help, but they don't see the hours of research, sleepless nights, breaking and entering libraries, torturing demons in the basement, and burying Japanese monsters with a backhoe that goes on in the background. I was surprised that Bobby was also the home office for other hunters, not just the Winchesters, making him even busier. I thought this week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the ginger peach cobbler, representing normalcy; Bobby never had time to sit down and actually eat it.

I love Crowley. He liked Bobby enough to give him his legs back, but I never once thought he'd blithely return Bobby's soul. I was relieved that the boys didn't double cross him and torch his bones, because I hope they bring him back again, and I bet they will. Especially now that he's the new big cheese in Hell. (Where's Lucifer? And Michael? What happened to Adam and Sam? They still haven't told us.)

Always kind of liked Rufus before, but now I love him. He was terrific in this episode, and surprisingly funny. Like Bobby, Rufus is quite a hunter, with an encyclopedia of knowledge in his brain. And there was even an interesting addition to the mythology. Apparently, demons are nasty ghosts with attitude, and they're vulnerable; burning the bones can take them out. That actually makes sense.

What's with all of these international monsters showing up? Must mean something.

I also liked that we got to see another side of Bobby as a love interest. And not just for peach cobbler blondie, because I think Sheriff Jody Mills sort of digs him, too. She certainly likes him enough to risk her job to help him take out monsters. They got her family, just like they got Bobby's wife, Mary Winchester, Jessica, and so on. It seems to be the horrible way a lot of people get into hunting, but maybe she's destined to be a hunter, too.

Supernatural is skillfully directed and shot, and has its own specific sort of pacing and look. This was Jensen Ackles' directorial debut, and I'm going to give him the ultimate compliment – I couldn't tell. Terrific job.

Bits and pieces:

— The title is, of course, a take-off of the classic dead man comedy, Weekend at Bernie's, a movie that I found funny, sort in spite of myself.

— Woodchipper. Ew. Ew. Laugh out loud, and ew again.

— I'm not a fan of Kenny Rogers, but I thought "The Gambler" worked as accompaniment for the way Bobby lives his life. There's a good reason why he has managed to stay alive for so long. And hey, he was smart enough to get his soul back from the King of Crossroads. No small thing.

— For me, this episode heightened Bobby's resemblance to Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who spent many sleepless nights researching demons for Buffy as well as doing a lot of hands-on fighting.

— Crowley's human name was Fergus Roderick Macleod, born 1661, who sold his soul for, um, three more inches. You'd think a big boss demon would be a lot older, but then his bones probably wouldn't still exist.

— Dean hasn't been on a plane since "Phantom Traveler," has he? Another little callback to season one.

— Rufus uses the alias, Luthor Vandross. Famous singer.

— Dean's cell phone is under the name John P. Jones. Google says "John P. Jones" is a canine training franchise. Was that a little hellhound joke on Dean's part?

— Kenosha, Wisconsin; Bobby's place in Sioux Falls; Andover, Massachusetts. And Scotland, our first international location, I think. The boys have never gone to Canada, have they? :)

— The motel in Wisconsin had a Swiss cheese motif.


Crowley: "Paragraph eighteen, subsection B, which is on your naughty bits, I only have to make best efforts to give you back your soul."
The writing all over the body was cool. And ouch.

Bobby: "I'm going Dateline on your ass."
Blue light Devil's trap. Cool.

Bobby: (covering the screams coming from the basement) "Stupid horror flicks. Guilty pleasure."
Marcie: "I love scary movies. Have you seen Drag Me to Hell?"
Bobby: "Trying to avoid it."

Bobby: "Monsters lately. Is it me or is it weird?"

Rufus: (eyeing Bobby's backhoe) "Man, I know what I want for Hanukkah."

Rufus: "How 'bout Godzilla?"
Bobby: "Put her down."
Rufus: "So you just happened to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest laying around?"
Bobby: "Woodchipper."
Rufus: "Ah, okey dokey, woodchipper. That pretty much trumps... everything."

Crowley: "I thought when I got the corner office, it was all going to be rainbows and two-headed puppies."

Lovely. Three out of four extremely messy woodchippers,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I really enjoyed this one too, Billie. I wish more shows made use of woodchippers as a plot device.

    I think John P. Jones is a reference to the Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones, who took his name from a Revolutionary War hero.

  2. Definitely an enjoyable episode. It reminded me a lot of 'The Zeppo' from Buffy, but I think I enjoyed this one more. Mostly because I love Bobby a lot more than Xander.

    When I first saw the title, I started complaining out loud to my husband that they better not freaking kill off Bobby! I was terrified it was going to be fun and games with Bobby's corpse, because of the play on 'Weekend at Bernie's.' Fortunately, it was just fun with other corpses.

    Rufus and Bobby were great together, and it was lovely to see Sheriff Mills again.

    Rufus also used the alias Reuben Studdard, another famous singer. Well, he was the second season winner of American Idol, so a reasonably well-known singer. :)

    John P. Jones undoubtedly stands for John Paul Jones, the bassist from Led Zeppelin. It *is* Dean after all. Not that there's anything wrong with your hellhound theory! :)

    I got a big kick out of Bobby saying "Balls!" all episode, and then Crowley saying "Bollocks!" when he knew the jig was up.

  3. Loved, loved, loved this episode. Bobby and Rufus were a great team and if this were a perfect world where geeks control everything they would get their own spin-off show, Grouchy Old Hunters.

    Do all hunters use famous musicians as aliases and if so what are Bobby's?

    It's always a treat when they bring back the ubiquitous Mark Sheppard (soon to be in Doctor Who, continuing his unstopped conquest of genre telly). Was brilliant when Crowley and Bobby did duelling impressions of each other (“I want my soul back, idjit. Afraid not. But I'm surly and have a beard. Gimme!”:-).

    Now I demand, demand I say, that they do a Castiel centric episode next.

  4. No mention of the dressing down?. Because it was about damned time!.

    A fantastic episode.

  5. Really good episode. Loved the speech Bobby give the boys and I find it hilarious that Bobby never gets to eat that damn pie!

  6. Poor Bobby and his pie! Well come to think of it, poor nice neighbour who baked the pie and got sprayed with chipped demon for her troubles!

    Billie my mind is blown that Jensen Ackles directed this! I would Never have guessed. Hmmm I might have to watch it again.

    I also demand a Castiel episode next. Or even a two-parter!

  7. This epi rocked. It was a nice change of pace. I loved getting to see all the behind the scenes Bobby stuff. We always see the boy's call him. We never actually knew just how much he stuck his neck out for them.
    This in a lot of ways reminded me of the GhostFacers Epi. LOVED IT
    Thanks for the review.

  8. i have been waiting for a funny episode, and this was perfect!

    but anyway, i have a theory on where the devil is. he is using sam as a meat suit. he is hiding in there somewhere, i dont even think sam knows. what do u guys think?

  9. Amazing and kudos to Jensen for doind an amazing job. I loved how Bobby gave the boys a lecture because they boys take Bobby for granted and don´t know the long hours he works. And he never got to eat that pie!
    Also, loved Rufus and the following exchange:

    Neighbor: Have you seen Drag me to Hell?
    Bobby: Trying to avoid it.

    Also, the "jack with a side of squat" is great too.

  10. Great episode, best of the firstr four. It had the perfect blend of comedy and plot advancement. We know now what happened in heaven and hell so the only thing missing is the aftermath of Sam and Lucifer.

  11. Well done, JA! Great job for a first time director.

    So -- Crowley is the new head guy. Are we gearing up for a Castiel/Crowley showdown? That might be fun to see.

    Enjoyed this one a great deal. It's fun to see some familiar faces all together like that. This season continues to pleasantly surprise me.

  12. When that fed found the okami's empty grave, The look Sheriff Mills' gave Bobby said "If he's found that body, you're on your own!" (Luther Vandross & Ruben Studdard?!) Re:Marcy- Poor girl. The second they showed her drenched in okami, I knew that relationship was over before it began! Marcy:"I just said that to get you over here" (she was about 10 seconds from puking!) Re:Rufus & the police Bobby:"Tell me that ain't...." Rufus:"Yeah yeah yeah. Three guesses and one of 'em ain't the paramedics"(lol) Later: "That is unnecessary force" Re:Bobby tearing Sam & Dean a new one- Definitely needed & definitely funny as hell! Re:Crowley- Seriously, man?! Three extra inches?! Seriously?! You sold your soul for THAT?! Time to get some cobbler. Bye.


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