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Dexter: Circle Us

Lumen: "I just had a feeling. Some sort of lizard brain thing."
Dexter: "She's starting to sound like me."

I am really enjoying this season. I'm starting to like Lumen. And Dexter and Lumen together. It's the romantic in me.

It's like they created the perfect woman for Dexter. She's not a psycho like Lila, or clueless like poor Rita. She needs revenge on the men who took her, and Dexter can give her that. And he needs someone to ground him and make him more human. It's a match made in Hell.

It's just, where can this relationship go? She is damaged and twisted, and yet she retains this sweetness. Dexter is very protective toward Lumen (bringing her food, giving her the house he was desperate to sell). He rarely showed his true face to Rita, but he's himself with Lumen. ("Dexter, you're so controlling.") Wouldn't it be cool if they got married and raised Harrison together while Dexter continued to stalk killers in his spare time?

But that would never happen. This is Dexter, after all, and I know we're heading toward some sort of horrendous climax.

Much like that complete mess of a sting that ended up with innocent people injured and dead. Deb was right and Maria was wrong. Maria can't admit she was wrong and won't take responsibility for it, and that's just too bad. (Sometimes I like Maria, and sometimes I don't. This is one of the "don't" times.) At least Deb triumphed; I cheered when she took Fuentes out, right between the eyes. He thought he could fake her out a second time and of course, he underestimated her.

Quinn underestimates Deb, too. She's not some cupcake he can manipulate. In fact, she's treating him like he usually treats women. She hasn't figured out what's going on with Liddy yet, but I have every confidence that she will. (Was Liddy following Dexter and Lumen this week? We didn't see him, but what if?)

Clever, clever Dexter. Boyd's house was a huge loose plot thread and Dexter redirecting the cops like that was so smart, since Boyd actually did kill those women. Dead animal pickup for his buddies. Five of them in on it, plus Jordan Chase? It seems so improbable, and yet Lumen was so obviously telling the truth. Jordan Chase and his "bodyguard" Cole may have realized that something is off, but they don't know what trouble they're in. Will two deliberate murders be too much for Lumen?

(Jordan is the "take it" guy. He must have told himself, hey, if you want to kidnap, rape and murder women, take it!)

The nanny subplot was surprisingly good, too. Dexter rejected Saint Bridget, and then he changed his mind and accepted Sonya's desire to pray for Harrison because he also accepted Lumen as his kill partner. Circle us with your light, and let's not forget that Lumen is a word associated with light. And that car accident was so interesting. Like a gift from God bringing two of Lumen's attackers directly to Dexter.

Dexter also brought Harrison to meet Lumen. That was a huge step for Dexter. No more keeping two of his many lives apart.

Bits and pieces:

-- It's been a month since Dexter rescued Lumen and killed Boyd. No one checked on Boyd's house in all of that time? He works for the city, after all. Wouldn't they have reported him missing, called a next of kin?

-- Apparently, Dexter went to his prom and shook hands with his date when they said goodnight. How Dexter.

-- Lumen is living in the house Dexter shared with Rita, and Dexter is no longer trying to sell it. Deb is staying with Quinn. Maybe after Dexter kills Quinn, Deb can have Quinn's apartment. Sorry, that was cold of me. It's just that I really don't like Quinn. He's no Doakes. I liked Doakes.

-- Matthews has ammunition against Maria now. Angel saw the whole thing. Will he keep backing up Maria when he knows Deb was right?

-- Peter Weller is doing a great job with Liddy. He puts emphasis on the most offensive words.

-- Lumen didn't stay in the car as she was told. Maybe she watches Chuck.


Dexter: "That's either a saint or the most boring action figure I've ever seen."

Dexter: "He doesn't need Saint Bridget. He has father Dexter."

Dexter: (to Quinn) "That's what's on your shoe. Congealed organ."
Congealed organ. That's not a phrase you hear a whole lot.

Deb: "Shit a brick and fuck me with it, you're never gonna guess who this truck is registered to."

Dexter: "This is Florida. We execute here." And he really means "we," since Dexter executes in Florida, too.

Are you into this season as much as I am, or are you longing for more testosterone? I'd love to know. Please feel free to post a comment,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I was only feeling lukewarm towards season 5 until this episode. Lumen has grown on me and her chemistry with Dexter gets better each week.

    While I agree that I'd like to see Dexter off Quinn, I think he brings the right amount of uncertainty to the show. With every other character you pretty much know what you're going to get.

    Oh and I loved all the scenes with Jordan chase and his bodyguard.

  2. God please let Lumen and Dexter fall in love and have babies. No? I don't want to think of Dexter having to kill Lumen, but as sweet as she can be you always feel like she's on the verge of snapping.

    When I saw Jordan Chase I yelled ELI!I loved Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone, he's so adorable.

    How long before Sonya finds Dexter's blood slides.

  3. No no no no no no! I don't want to see Dexter and Lumen in a relationship. If feels wrong to me. I'd find it interesting if Dexter ultimately ended up killing her, but not like she is the seasons Big Bad.

    Still loving Sonya.. I adore Maria Doyle Kennedy with all my heart.

  4. I'm currently envisioning Dexter and Lumen growing closer as the season progresses, only to have her inexperience get her killed whilst trying to off someone in the last episode. I don't think Dexter will kill her, but I do think she'll end up dead.

    And until we saw that photo, I was imagining Dexter's nanny would be one of the group involved in capturing Lumen. Nobody's that nice. Nobody.

    With regards Quinn, the writers really haven't given us reason to like him. He's not as multi-dimensional as the rest of the characters in the show. So Dexter killing him? Maybe. Although he is a permanent cast member now (Pfft. Try telling that to Doakes).

    Great review, Billie.

    (Sent from a train carriage full of screaming kids. Where's Dexter when you need him?)

  5. Remember Paul, Dexter doesn't do kids :P

    Great review Billie, I absolutely love this season so far. I am afraid now that they will kill Lumen, but can they? If Dexter gets involved with Lumen, can they justify killing her after Rita? I just think it would be bad on too many levels.

    Now I'm seriously looking forward to, and dreading, where the rest of the season will go.

  6. Does RoboCop plan on breaking into Dexter's house to confront Lumen? If so, I don't think that will end too well for him....

    I seem to be the only person who likes Quinn. Would be more interesting if he finds out about Dexter but then decides to help (not with the actual killing) him instead of turning him in....

  7. I just want to know when Quinn became so moral. I mean, don't we remember his past? Sure, he hasn't killed anyone, that we know of, but he's far from the moral authority.

  8. I loved that Dexter told Lumen to put her seatbelt on. I was thinking that whole scene, " Where is her seatbelt?"


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