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Smallville: Ambush

Lois: "None of my other boyfriends have ever survived the general's assault."

Did they really just blow up the Talon? This must be the last season or something.

So there were Lois and Clark, basking in the glow of romance at the Kent farm, which has become quite the hotbed of young love, hasn't it? Enter the difficult father and the obnoxious sister. Yes, your family always knows how to push your buttons, and yes, their love is new, but I thought Lois was the type who would push back and stand by her (super) man. And she did. Just not as quickly as I expected.

But there were things I liked about this episode. They didn't make fun of Lois cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and I always like when they avoid an obvious, used way too often joke. Lois saw Lucy attacking Clark with her lips and didn't jump to erroneous conclusions, and that was refreshing. Lois finally gave her horrible little sister an earful. And Clark didn't bumble in front of the General. He gave the General everything on that unreasonable list of chores, showing the necessary respect, and then he stood up to the guy. Clark has grown up a lot.

The thermal tatt plot finally came to the surface, so to speak, and now we have this guy Flag from the Suicide Squad wreaking havoc and blowing up Smallville landmarks. Flag is someone who should be registered as a vigilante. Except nasty vigilantes would never register, would they? I think I see a problem with this new law. It occurred to me while they were discussing the "Vigilante Registration Act" that a lot of my favorite shows feature people who could be described as vigilantes. Dexter, Buffy, Dean and Sam Winchester...

Interesting that Clark's mother is a U.S. senator, and Lois's father is considering running for the opposing party. I bet Martha is the Democrat; I remember thinking that Jonathan's platform sounded Democratic, and General Lane is definitely a Republican. Imagine the farmhouse fireworks if they ran against each other. It'd be fun.

Even though I had a hard time making myself write about Smallville this week (I'm hitting my "Fall Wall" when I've been writing too many reviews and I know I need a break), this was a decent Thanksgiving episode. I've always liked Michael Ironside. We got to see Clark and Oliver all superhero in their costumes. And it's always a good time when Justin Hartley takes off his shirt. Oliver is regretting "coming out." Knew that one was coming.

Two and a half out of four turkeys,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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