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Glee: Furt

“Long story short – you’re having a Glee wedding.”

Great casting and acting, above average plotting, and an emphasis on music as part of the story make for the best Glee episode in a long while.

Fellowship of the Furt

The main plotline this week was the failing of Finn to defend his future brother-in-law then realising his mistake and apologises in true melodic Glee fashion. It was interesting that the girls all ended up asking their boyfriends to protect Kurt from Karofsky, since they could have made a more positive impact just talking to the bully. I liked Finn’s discomfort at Kurt teaching him to dance, it was understandable and believable. Given Finn’s previous hasty decisions (I’m going to worship a sandwich, I’m going to walk down the hallway in my boxers) his snap realisation of his brotherly responsibility, triggered by Carol’s words at the wedding made perfect sense. Seeing Kurt as a brother also helps Finn push aside fears about Kurt seeing him in a romantic light, as evidenced by his choice of a romantic song sung in a platonic way, at the wedding.

The Two Weddings

I enjoyed Kurt’s excitement about wedding planning, although I think most militant gays (if Kurt isn’t one, he certainly has the potential to be) are slightly ambivalent/tepid when it comes to weddings since they’re such a bone of contention in the fight for equal rights. I was surprised that Kurt didn’t even have a throwaway line about the massive irony of someone who can’t get married planning a wedding. Other than that, I thought this storyline was the Glees-knees! Burt and Carol had a great scene together at the altar, and I liked how they both embraced the originality of the wedding. I’d pay New Directions to pull off something similar at my own wedding (sorry, I mean Civil Partnership, ugh), they were amazing! The magical, happy feeling seemed to continue throughout the wedding due to the clever placing of the songs all in close succession – well done writers. Finn’s speech and song were schmaltzy but once I’d accepted that he really had gotten over being freaked out by Kurt’s crush on him, it was pretty adorable.

Carol Burnett was pretty well cast as Sue’s Nazi hunting mum, and did a good job of seeming slightly more pleasant than the words she was saying suggested. But Jane Lynch really didn’t need any support in this storyline – she was just brilliant, especially in the wedding rehearsal. The ridiculous vows and the kissing, and oh my goodness, the dress! It was just hilarious, in that unique Sue way. But there was a possible serious aspect underneath (Deep underneath, I’m searching here!) it all. Perhaps Sue really does worry about dying alone, and needs to remind herself she is worth marrying in order to maintain her impressive but fragile aura of confidence. We all need to be happy in our own life before we can share it with someone else.

The Return of the Bully

It’s clever that the most menacing bullying scene with Kurt and Karofsky involved no physical or verbal violence at all. Well done Glee for realising that the true misery of bullying is all psychological. Although I slightly want to shout at the TV for having Will and Sue be all supportive and proactive now, when that’s what they should have done two weeks earlier, it makes sense from Kurt’s perspective. Even though nothing Happened to him this week, inside his head things are worse now than ever before. That first discussion in the Principal’s office was informative and interested While New Directions and Principal Sue did their best to protect Kurt, even going a little bit over the top (no Headteacher would ever resign in protest, come on), the atmosphere in McKinley is one where Kurt is afraid every day. I think he’s a little bit of a delicate flower who needs to man up, just like Finn did. He is porcelain, easily cracked. I hope Blaine isn’t happy about Kurt’s transfer, since Kurt is just running away really. However, from a character perspective, it makes perfect sense for Kurt to want to escape to his teenage dream.

Bits and Pieces:

Sue’s internet profile says she is passionate about Tantric Yelling. I heart her. I’m going to message her on eDesperate.com!

Why is Jessalyn Gilsig still in the credits? And why is Chord Overstreet only a guest star?

WRRRAAAHH, the Bieste is in full force this week. I love it when she shouts. Tantric yelling, anyone?

Why didn’t Kurt tell Sue and co about Karofsky being in the closet? Fear? Surely not sympathy!

Santana’s short subplot seemed too easily wrapped up when she saw Finn and Rachel exchanging loving looks at the wedding. I assume Rachel will find out in the near future.

Mike O’Malley always does a stellar acting job, wow.

Nice to see Sue’s sister, Jean – shame she didn’t get to pack a more powerful emotional punch at the rehearsal. What kind of monster, oops I mean mother would abandon her disabled daughter for 3 years?

No Blaine; I missed him. Very little Will; I didn’t miss him. Good pipes though.

Sectionals is next week?!

We had more than 15 minutes without any songs this week. That’s a lot for Glee. It’s also unusual for them to end the episode without a song. It really worked, because the songs were bunched together for a reason and all of them contributed to the story (more or less). I hope Glee continues to make the most of its new fewer songs format.

Glee Against the Music:

Ohio – Wonderful Town:
“...well those Nazis are slippery and me hunting ‘em way down in Lima, Peru...”
I enjoyed the harmonies, and it fit perfectly into the story. Grade B.

Marry You – Bruno Mars:
Lovely song, and it had a very Glee feel to it. Really well choreographed with all the kids coupled up. It was just so much fun, in a very classy way too. Did I mention I want to book New Directions? A

Sway – Pablo Beltr├ín Ruiz:
Matthew Morrison has a very smooth voice, and he did a great job on the vocals for this. B-

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars:
Well, Mr Mars just has a plethora of wonderful songs doesn’t he? Glee has a habit of taking ambiguously romantic songs and emphasising the platonic element to the lyrics (done wonderfully with I Want to Hold Your Hand), and it really worked well in this instance. This song basically ticked all the boxes. Catchy, beautiful, great vocals, good choreography, integrated into the plot. Grade A.

Quotes for Gleeks:

Rod Remington: “Sue, you can’t tame the tiger - you’ve read my tattoos.”

Sue: “... which is why I just prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorsy. So shine on urban campers, you smell like adventure! And that’s how Sue sees it!”

Finn: “..are you sure we should release 300 live doves indoors – won’t that get kind of messy?”
Kurt: “That’s why we feed them glitter, Finn.”

Kurt: “You know when you call me Lady, that’s bullying, and it’s really hurtful.”
Sue: “I’m sorry, I thought that was your name. As an apology I’ll allow you to choose from the following nicknames; Gelfling; Porcelain and Tickle-me-Doughface.”

Doris Sylvester: “Oww! You poked me in my sternum. I always forget that you have this ribcage that’s kind of weird, and adorable.”

Doris Sylvester: “... but I said no, no, no, no. She’s a perfectly okay child. She’ll grow into her looks! And you know what? I believe you still might.”

Mike: “Dude was a wild animal.”
Artie: “Manimal.”
Brittany: “I’m so turned on by you right now.”

Santana: “Don’t you see that that midget is like an anchor dragging you down to the depths of loserville?”

Burt: “You’re everything, Carol. Words can’t describe you, you’re Everything.”
Carol: “Most women when they get married, they get one man. I get two. One of you saved me from my wardrobe, the other one just saved me.”

Sue: “Mother, I cannot remember a conversation with you where I didn’t walk away feeling worse about myself.”
Doris: “Well you know what Susan? I’m disappointed in You!” HA, the cheek of it!

Kurt: “I’ve been planning weddings since I was two. My power rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations, they were like Fleetwood Mac.” Quote of the week!

Four out of four white striped blue wedding dresses.


  1. Saw the JK Wedding spoof coming a million miles away (check it out on youtube if you haven't seen it). But since The Office already did it, I wasn't impressed.

    Not a big fan of this episode, to me, Glee is about the music, and there just wasn't much in this episode.

  2. I absolutely loved the episode. I do like more songs but I liked that they focused more on the problems going on in everyone's lives lately. I'm kind of mad at Santana for suddenly praying on Finn and trying to break up Finchel. Honestly, they're my favorite couple and I'm not looking forward to when Rachel learns about how Finn lost his virginity and lied to her about it. The end honestly made me cry for a long time. Everytime I thought about Kurt leaving, I got teary eyed. I completely understand Kurt's departure but I know he will come back. He's to big of a character to just transfer to Dalton and never come back. But all in all, this was a great episode. Very well thought out, great music numbers and an amazing plot. Good job glee!

  3. Kurt was just the cutest thing in that floppy hat. I wanted to pinch his cheeks.

  4. I want a Glee wedding too, but only if Kurt's dad dances at it!

    Good review, Harry. I was surprised Kurt's new friend (forgot his name) wasn't at the wedding. I guess we'll see him again soon enough though.

  5. I hate weddings. Really. But the Carol/Burt wedding was lovely. It was unique and joyous, which is what a wedding should be. And I'm so glad that Finn finally got over himself with Kurt, and even danced with him. Way past time.

    Carol Burnett was pretty much perfect as Sue's mother the Nazi hunter. And she got to sing. I was sort of "huh?" about Sue marrying herself, but I get her reasoning.

    And I'm rather happy for Kurt going to another school where he won't have to be afraid all the time. Except what if Karofsky follows Kurt home or something?

  6. I'm a little afraid that there's going to be a follow-up to the Kurt/Karofsky Krap. Karofsky is just too unstable and it can't have wrapped up that "easily". They have to do something, I just hope it's sensitive and without anyone getting hurt. I have a feeling that Karofsky's dad might play a part in it. He was a little creepy (although it was fun to see Arzt from Lost in something!).

    L*O*V*E*D the wedding! I started to tear up during the dancing down the aisle and didn't stop until after the dancing at the reception. Amazing episode!

    I had a thought, too: I wonder if the Glee writers are subtly centering seasons around certain characters. Rachel was Season 1, now it seems that Kurt is Season 2. Like I said, just a thought.

    Lovin' on your reviews, Harry! Keep 'em coming!

  7. First of all, Kurt is now Finn's stepbrother, not brother-in-law.

    Secondly, I disagree with your comment that "no Headteacher would ever resign in protest, come on." I'm not sure what you're basing that on. I don't think it's inconceivable that a principal would choose their values and principles over the job. In this particular case, I think it made sense, especially when combined with the fact that Sue wasn't really at the school in the first place to be principal -- I'm sure she liked the power, but I doubt she really had the time she needed for the Cheerios when she had principal duties. Two birds, one stone -- she protested the decision to let Karofsky come back, and she went back to devoting herself full-time to the Cheerios (and left Figgins' weird-smelling office).

    I have so many issues with what you said here: "I think he’s a little bit of a delicate flower who needs to man up, just like Finn did. He is porcelain, easily cracked. I hope Blaine isn’t happy about Kurt’s transfer, since Kurt is just running away really."

    "Delicate flower," "easily cracked"? Are you kidding me? He's dealt with this crap for so long, and he hasn't let it get to him. He's been bullied for years, yet he still stays true to himself. Kurt is so strong. Karofsky regularly assaults him, sexually harasses him (that "kiss" was an attack), *threatened to kill him* -- Kurt isn't running away. I hope Blaine is supportive. If it were a matter of not being popular enough (and thus ignored) maybe it could be considered running away. But being at McKinley with Karofsky is damaging Kurt; it affects him psychologically, emotionally, academically because he can't concentrate. Kids shouldn't have to deal with that. His biggest worry should be his grades, or Sectionals, or getting a boyfriend -- not whether he's going to be attacked. And the school is doing nothing to stop the bullying. That's not running away. That's Kurt just trying to protect himself, since the school sure as hell isn't. And as to the comment about Kurt needing to "man up"? Shit like that is why bullying is considered acceptable. He shouldn't have to put up with that. If I were you, I'd be ashamed of myself for promoting such gender policing with the idea that anyone needs to "man up."

    Oh, and the comment about Kurt wanting to "escape to his teenage dream"? It seems to me that it's less escaping to a dream and more escaping from a nightmare. It seems as though the driving force behind the transfer is wanting to escape Karofsky, not wanting to join Blaine or something (not that that wouldn't be a nice bonus). It didn't look like Kurt was going to transfer when he thought Karofsky was expelled. Maybe the idea of escaping to his teenage dream makes sense if his dream is simply a school where he won't be living in fear of being attacked or constantly being bullied for being gay and flamboyant, but that's just heart-breaking. The ability to attend school without fear of being attacked shouldn't be a dream; it should be a given.

  8. As to why Kurt didn't tell about Karofsky kissing him, I can think of several reasons why he wouldn't. First of all, he might not think that people would believe him. I could definitely see Karofsky responding that Kurt came on to him, or that Kurt kissed him, or that it never happened, and Kurt made it up because Kurt wants Karofsky. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people believed Karofsky; there appears to be a lot of ignorance and homophobia in that school and town. It'd still be Kurt's word against Karofsky's.

    Secondly, maybe Kurt just doesn't want to out Karofsky. You can't take back that kind of knowledge. It would inevitably get out to all of the school. Knowing what it's like to be openly gay (and harassed for being gay) in Lima, I could imagine Kurt not wanting anyone else to go through that.

    Maybe Kurt's ashamed. I've heard that survivors of abuse, sexual assault, rape, and the like often feel ashamed of what happened. If he doesn't think it'll make a difference, perhaps he decided it wasn't worth it to tell. Regardless the reason Kurt didn't tell Sue and other McKinley people about Karofsky kissing him, I don't think it's ultimately that surprising, and frankly, I don't think it would have made that much of a difference in disciplining Karofsky.

    Overall, I do like your reviews. I like the way you pull out the best quotes; I like the comment about Finn's "previous hasty decisions" -- "I’m going to worship a sandwich, I’m going to walk down the hallway in my boxers" made me laugh. But I think you really missed the mark when it came to Kurt this week.

  9. Thanks for your comments, R. It makes a big difference to know what people do and don't like about my reviews and it's always interesting when people disagree with my opinions in an intelligent way, like you did.

    I am coming from this position - I was out and gay in school from the age of 13, I was bullied every day but I didn't let it get to me because I had a strong emotional support from my mother and friends who always made me feel loved and accepted.

    Kurt has that support also, so it's not unthinkable for him to consider standing up to the bully. Sorry if my use of the phrase 'man up' offended you, it was a colloquialism, nothing more. Consider also that his mentor, Blaine previously told him he regretted running away from his problems by transferring to Dalton, and you can see how he would potentially not be pleased that Kurt has now done the same thing.

    Yes, Kurt had a lot to deal with at McKinley, but people can come out the other side of bullying feeling stronger and more secure about who they are if they have the emotional support necessary. I just hoped Kurt would respond that way since the 1000s of gay kids in highschool watching Glee won't necessarily have the option to change schools, and it's very lucky for Kurt that he has parents able to stump up the money. In that sense, and in the sense that it's not a realistic solution for many bullied gay kids, Dalton Academy is a 'teenage dream'.

  10. my comment is unrelated to the episode itself, I just want to congratulate all the people that left their comments and how respectful you are of each other. It's a nice change from other websides.
    Thank you : )

  11. You're very welcome, Hermione, and thank you so much for your comment. It made me feel really good.

  12. Unlike Billie, I love weddings so this episode has hit my top five. I cried through most of it and, if I ever get married again, I want a Glee wedding!

    What a great episode for Sue. One of the things I love about her is that she tells the unvarnished truth -- "until he hurts you, there is nothing I can do." And yet, I can see that she genuinely cares about these kids. The nickname exchange was priceless.

    Harry -- I love your reviews. They really add a lot to the viewing of an episode. Thanks for taking the time to do them.

    And Hermione -- I couldn't agree with you more. I discovered this site looking for reviews about a show that I watch regularly that isn't even reviewed on this site (Kismet? Karma?). What I found, however, is a place where people can discuss great shows, disagree yet still be treated with respect. In all the time I have spent here lately, and it's a lot, I have only read one comment that was nasty. I think that says a lot about the people who read this site, but more importantly, the people who run it.


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