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Holiday Gift Guide: Being Human

‘Tis the season for feeling the pain of your bank account decreasing with a rapid speed as you continue to buy novelty gifts for friends and families. It’s also the season for ghosts, goblins and ghouls. So, while I enjoy my fancy, luridly coloured cocktails on the beach in 30 degree Celsius weather, let’s have a look at the gifts you can get for those open and secret Being Human fans. Mum, dad ... Take note.

(And seeing as I forgot to buy my elderly step-nan a gift this year, I should take note of the Gift Guides ...)

For Mitchell Fans:

The complete edition of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, along with the Tom Cruise / Brad Pitt movie. While it is hard to get through a movie without imagining Tom Cruise’s Lestat jumping on Oprah’s couch, it’s still a good read and a watch. A weathered copy from a second hand book store is far better than a new one.

Seeing as it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere at Christmas, I would also suggest some good woollies. Fingerless gloves and a scarf are always the way to go.

For the more ... "hip" vampire fans, a good gift would be the first two seasons of True Blood on DVD, or even the books. While I was away in Darwin, I think I spent a lot of my money buying the TB books. I couldn't get enough of them.

For George Fans:

A good gift for those George fans, as well as werewolf fans in general (TULLLLYYYYYYY), a roast chicken is definitely the thing to get them. But make sure that you give it to them before it goes off, or otherwise they may not see the funny side to it.

A Star of David is also a good gift to give for fans of The George.
I'm not really sure what else you would get a werewolf fan. Maybe that movie, An American Werewolf in London. Don't give them any of that Twilight nonsense. It'll give George a complex.

For Annie Fans:

A years supply of Twinings tea, as well as the complete series of Sex and The City. Just stay away from the Moeli graters.

Now, I'm off to enjoy a Christmas Day lunch, and try and not look my nan in the eye.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I think I am having a rather cursed Christmas. My computer doesn't seem to like editing HTML or doing anything proper and orderly.

    I hope everyone else is having a good Christmas (:


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