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Holiday Gift Guide: The Vampire Diaries

December is a special time of year. A time to remember how much we love our families and friends. A time of high-caloric sweets, astronomical heating bills, and pine-tree-induced allergic reactions. A time to incur massive amounts of debt in a feeble attempt to provide the best useless gift that will live in someone’s closet gathering dust mites.

We here at Billie Doux know how hard it can be to find the perfect something for the perfect someone, and we want to help. Over the next two weeks, look for Holiday Gift Guides for the fans of most of the shows that we review. Don’t know what to get that Doctor Who fanatic? What about the Walking Dead devotee? We’ve taken time away from our holiday baking to select the perfect show-specific gift for each of your TV-watching friends, one show at a time.

For the Vampire Diaries Fan Who Has Everything:

• For the grown-up vampire lover: Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian. Bulgarians, Romanians, vampires, and some really intense diary writing. Plus, at 720 pages, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Just don’t make the mistake of giving The Swan Thieves, her second book. It’s not very good.

• For the tweenage vampire lover: Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series. The adults will probably like it too. I certainly do. No, there aren’t vampires. But there’s a love triangle and a kick-ass heroine, and the trilogy is so fast-paced you might get your tween to stop checking her facebook status for a few hours.

• The complete Twilight series—both the books and the movies. This might not be for every fan, but I know what Dimitri is hoping to find it under his tree!

• For the bloodluster: Make a donation in their name to Nothing But Nets. This UN-sponsored organization donates bed nets to children in the Central African Republic where malaria (spread by mosquitoes, see?) runs rampant. This is a really good cause, and even just $10 can save a life.

• For the fan of cute, defenseless creatures: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. This is what Damon has to say about it: “The Foundation’s long-term activities will aim to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects that positively impact the planet and its creatures. Long-term goals will focus on habitat and biodiversity, clean energy and animals, with specific projects in reforestation, biodiversity, extinction and species-specific sterilization methods of domestic pets. Short-term goals are inviting everyone to get involved, creating teams of passionate volunteers, and fund-raising.” (I assume that when Ian says “clean energy and animals” he means “clean energy, and animals” not “clean energy and clean animals.” Note to Americans: we still use that final serial comma here, for good reason.)

Do you have a better idea? Post your own gift suggestions in the comments, and keep your eyes peeled (ouch!) for more gift suggestions in the days to come.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. This is wonderful, Josie. I love it. And seriously, Ian Somerhalder? What a guy. I truly admire famous people who use their fame to do some good in this world.

  2. Hey all, this isn't Vampire Diaries related but seemed the most obvious place to put it.
    Stargate Universe cancelled:


    And they've already filmed the end of this season too so no resolution.

    Double Bugger.

    To cheer you all up, an amusing Fringe trailer:

  3. Eh, Twilight's all right, but it's no gay porn or Count Chocula.

    Good stuff, Josie!

  4. Loved the mosquito link, Josie. Not tenuous in the least ;o)


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