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Eureka: Dr. Nobel

... in which Fargo and Spencer accidentally activate the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

After a number of rather disturbing episodes this season, I found this one surprisingly sweet. It seems strange to say that about an episode featuring a death ray designed to promote “mutually assured destruction,” but there you have it. Though the scientific concept was rather dark, the story had a very light-hearted touch to it, and even dire-sounding statements were usually played for humor. “… in order to ensure peace on Earth, I built the deadliest weapon in the universe.” Ha! For the first time this season, the show actually felt like the Eureka I fell in love with.

Eugenia’s and Irvin’s story of love lost and then found was about the only part of the episode that wasn’t played for laughs, and I found it very touching. I particularly enjoyed Carter’s role in bringing them back together. (Zoe’s disgust and Eugenia’s pleasure at Jack suddenly kissing her and talking about “us” was very amusing.) I also loved the staged Nobel awards ceremony, especially Eugenia’s overwhelming happiness and pride in her beloved and Irvin’s sweet words of thanks for “his girl” to conclude his speech. And they were so cute canoodling on the steps outside the sheriff’s station at the end! It is nice to know that feeling can last a lifetime.

The Nobel ceremony also led to some very amusing stuff for Stark. His feigned enthusiasm and mild disdain for the whole proceeding was quite funny, especially his reluctance to relinquish his Nobel prize, even temporarily. “No, I earned it. It’s mine.” Actually, Stark had lots of funny stuff throughout the episode. I suppose it was a bit of a jarring change given where we left him in the last episode, but I enjoy Nathan’s sardonic humor and his mild contempt for all things Carter, so I’m just gonna roll with it. “Absolutely not. That technology is highly experimental and far too dangerous for anyone to --- Carter? Really? … Well that’s just a risk we may have to take.” It was also nice to see him working together with Henry. They make a good team.

Other Thoughts

The long walk to Fargo’s new office was very funny. A symbol of his status and rank, indeed.

I’ve gotta say, Fargo and Spencer are complete idiots. Who sees a strange old control panel and immediately tries to turn it on? Especially in Eureka!

Getting fired in Eureka? Bad. Retiring in Eureka? Good. Very good. Except for the danger that the town could be annihilated by weird science on any given day.

Carter: “Which one of your guys is responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis popping up all over town?”
Stark: “They’re not missiles.”
Carter: “Really? ‘Cause I have a town full of extremely anxious people that think they look a lot like missiles.”
Allison: “What are they, Nathan?”
Carter: “And why do they look a lot like missiles?”

Jo looked just stunning in her awards gala getup. I had nearly the same reaction as Fargo.

I loved the slow-motion “heroes marching into action” sequence of Irvin and his crew. Look out! Senior scientists on the move!

The accidental destruction of the Zephyr Rover on its approach to Jupiter made me laugh out loud, too. “Pasadena, we have a problem.”

Final Analysis: A fun and surprisingly touching story about the ultimate death ray. I’ve actually started digging the darker stuff this season, but this is the Eureka I fell for!

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. So, Jess, just to let you know you are not reviewing these in vain...I have started watching Season 1 recently thanks to Netflix... (I had also jumped into Eureka with Season 4) I am really enjoying your reviews - so thanks!

  2. I am enjoying the reviews, too, just as I am enjoying the show. But it does require a suspension of disbelief. The Nobel prizes are not given out in a manner similar to the Oscars. The winners know who they are long before they travel to Stockholm.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Victoria! It's always nice to get feedback on older shows. I especially love getting feedback on the Eureka reviews, because I invariably end up reading through the review again and it usually brings back fond memories of the episode and the series. Or fond memories of the occasional frustrations I experienced while watching the series. If only these characters didn't make me care so much! :)

  4. I love the moment Carter smashed the frame to get Nathan's Nobel prize only for Nathan to comment that the frame swings open. Thank you do much for reviewing this show!

  5. My favorite episode to date. I loved every moment of it.

    The accidental destruction of the Zephyr Rover on its approach to Jupiter made me laugh out loud, too. “Pasadena, we have a problem.”

    I was laughing so hard, I watched it again. Hilariously done.


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