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NewsFlash: Being Human (US) renewed

The new American SyFy reboot/take-off/whatever of the UK hit Being Human has already gotten renewed for a second season.

This is great news, because I like this show. I thought this week's episode "I Want You Back (From the Dead)" was excellent -- the best episode so far, a four star episode. And they did what I wanted them to do, too. They may have started with a season one plot (Episode Four), but they went in an entirely different direction than the UK episode. Sam Witwer was terrific. If I'd reviewed it, I would have given him gold acting stars.

Are you watching this show? If you are, what do you think of it so far?


  1. I'm so glad! I recently caught up with the whole series, and I'm now fan! I don't know what I would have done if TPTB had canceled the show only a couple days after I'd discovered it. (I'm a big fan of the original version, as well.)

    This makes a good day (I just learned that COMMUNITY has been renewed for a third season*) even better!

    Crossing my fingers for FRINGE and SUPERNATURAL!

    *Speaking of which, would anyone here be willing to start doing reviews for COMMUNITY? It would be right up this site's alley!

  2. This is good news! I have been watching from the start, and have grown to really enjoy this show. I started watching the UK version (available on-demand on my cable), but decided I was already invested in the US characters, so I stopped. For those that watch the UK version, I certainly understand not liking a "copy" - but it was funny, because I was watching in reverse and started thinking the same thing, even though I know the UK one is the original! Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the show.

  3. Oh, and (sorry for the continuation)...as far as the show itself - like I said, I only got 2 episodes into the UK original, so if the US version is copying any of the story lines...well, I just don't care, as I am not watching both - and I would guess most US viewers have not seen the original. I think the actors are growing into their roles - "Sally" doesn't bug me at all anymore - I quite like her character. I think Meaghan Rath is doing a fine job. And the two Sam's are just great. I just watched "I want you back" and Sam Witwer was terrific. I am glad they (the writers) don't take the easy way out of a situation. And of course, its got Mark Pellegrino!

    If someone can review the US version, that would be cool.

  4. I watch it off and on but it's not as good as the UK one, though it's showing signs of improvement.

  5. I've never seen the UK version, and I was apprehensive about seeing this one. As much as I like this genre of show, I actually thought, "A show with a vampire and a werewolf? Really SyFy? You have to jump on the bandwagon too?". So I only recently started watching after catching part of a marathon one day while channel surfing. I actually really like it! I'm actually disappointed with myself for not watching it from the beginning. I really like the characters and the stories have been good so far. I'm glad it has been renewed.

    So, uh... when are you going to start reviewing this version? ;) (In all your spare time!)

  6. I love this show it was the best show in my opinion

    I find it better then the British version :D


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