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Being Human: I Want You Back (From the Dead)

Nora: "If you're not letting me in, then what's the point?"

I've been trying to resist getting sucked into this show. Too bad, though. It's happened.

The prevailing theme of Being Human (both versions) is that we have three inhuman characters who feel a strong but probably forever-to-be-unfulfilled need to be like everybody else. In this episode, all three of them reached out, with varying degrees of nonsuccess: Josh with Nora, Sally with Nick, and most tragically, Aidan with Bernie.


It may have been predictable that a no-impulse-control child vampire would go right for the bullies that had made his life hell, and I could see the end in the woods coming, but it didn't matter – it was really powerful. Big gold acting stars for Sam Witwer. Aidan lost control three times in this episode – in the hospital, in the blood brothel, after killing Bernie in the woods – and Witwer got to me, every single time.

Rebecca was also tragic; it's hard not to like the poor thing. Consciously or unconsciously, she was trying to play house, to create a child for herself and Aidan. She turned Bernie without consulting Aidan, who wouldn't have let her do it. Interesting that Aidan didn't tell Bishop that it was Rebecca who turned Bernie. Was he trying to protect her? Rebecca is sort of Aidan's child, too, after all.


Fallout from the message wall led Sally to an old flame, only wetter. Nick was really cute, smart, and fun to have around. Unfortunately, he has a death echo problem. Why does Nick "re-live" his drowning death every day? Is it involuntary? How could it not be? How could anyone want to relive something so horrible every day, whether it makes him feel human or not?

Nick told Sally that she didn't have to fix him, but she can't help trying; it's how she is. So much for that relationship, I guess. I want to know why he won't let his death go and move on. Was he lying to Sally about how he died? I kept thinking maybe it wasn't an accident, that he committed suicide, or was murdered. I hope we find out, and that Nick isn't a one-shot character.


I got a bit frustrated with Josh trying to "dial things down" with Nora, because it felt pointless. Nora just isn't the type of woman who will put up with a guy manipulating her, no matter what his reasons are. Josh needs to either break up with her, or tell her the truth and let her make an informed decision about their relationship.

Nora is such a strong, outspoken woman that it's hard to picture her as a victim. What happened to her? What did her ex do to her? Those were some pretty terrible scars on her stomach.

To conclude....

The moral of this episode is that the situation is hopeless and failures like Bernie are inevitable. But what can they do? Not interact with human beings? It's just like all of us. We can't help repeating our patterns, getting into destructive relationships. Or we're like Sally, hiding at home, unwilling to try anything or anyone that's not perfect and safe. Lose lose.

Bits and pieces:

— Bernie's young mother was played by Cindy Sampson, who has a continuing role as a young mother on my favorite current show, Supernatural. She did a good job.

— They used the term "death echo" in Supernatural, too.

— (Yes, I'm aware that one of the two show runners is an ex Supernatural writer.)

— Blood brothel. Blothel?

— Loved the Sally/Nick "sex cloud." Josh, try the decaf.

— Sally died at 23. I can't remember if they've told us that or not. And she has no bedroom of her own in their house, which is sort of sad. But with the cost of housing in major cities, not a surprise.

— Not that it matters, but what did Bernie's mother bury if Bernie's body was gone?

— The accompanying music was particularly good this week. I especially liked "Mad World."


Josh: "Are you in the dead poets society right now?"
Sally: "It's weird, right? He and I both died, years apart, and then find each other again in limbo?"
Josh: "You know what? You're a ghost talking to a werewolf making an egg salad sandwich. I no longer compute what's weird."

Sally: "I've never used my ghost powers to peep at naked people."
Nick: "Seriously, Sally? That's like ghosting 101. Not even, that's like pre reqs."

Nick: "Why do some ghosts get their doors and some don't? I wish I could Google this crap, Sally."

Little girl: "Want some Red Vine?"
Ha ha.

Nora: "So, to sum up. You want to see me as much as you do now, but care about me less. And in between, while I'm waiting for you to call and tell me what DVD we're renting, I should get reacquainted with my vibrator because I'm not to see anyone else. Sold."

Four out of four death echoes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Billie: Woo-hoo!! Thanks!! Witwer really got to me too, he was the best of this episode. *spoilers*

    I really didn't think they'd have Aiden kill Bernie, I thought there'd be some lame resolution. Aiden falling apart felt very real - especially knowing he was a dad.

    I totally get if you already have too many shows to review...selfishly, I hope you'll continue.

  2. You're welcome, Sooze! We'll have to see; taking on a show full-time is a huge commitment. I just need to be sure.

  3. I certainly understand! I just got done watching Fringe for the night and thought I'd get on-line to see what was up on my fav blogs...while I am waiting to go pick up my daughter...and was thrilled to see your post. Anyway, do what you must!

  4. It may have been predictable that a no-impulse-control child vampire would go right for the bullies that had made his life hell

    The Kid didn't go for the bullies. Marcus set it up that way to make Aiden think that The Kid had done it.

  5. Taba said, "The Kid didn't go for the bullies. Marcus set it up that way to make Aiden think that The Kid had done it."

    I watched the episode twice and didn't come away with that impression. What did I miss?

  6. Taba is right, I think. I got the same thing about the kid not doing it. It is in the final scene with the cop (actor from Lost) and Marcus. (Sorry, new to the show, don't have all character's names down yet.)

    Also - soooo happy to see a review from you! I know you haven't committed fully, but I'll take what I can get. ;)

  7. I agree with Taba and Dr Alice...Bishop (Mark P) made it clear that he had his minion kill the kids - their discussion was right at the end of the show. I think it is just another way for Bishop to try to break Aiden and bring him back to the fold.

  8. So glad you decided to review this episode. I hope you continue for the whole series.

    Wow, I didn't think of Bishop and Marcus setting the children's murders up to hurt Aiden but it makes sense. That is why I love the review and comment section.

    I still don't trust Rebecca's motives at all. I can't tell if she truly cares for Aiden or if she is just doing Bishop's bidding.

  9. I watched the episode twice and didn't come away with that impression. What did I miss?

    In the final scene Bishop thanks Marcus for "taking care of those boys" and saying that it looked like the work of Aiden's son. I don't know any other way that this scene could be interpreted. It's the final twist that makes it that much more heart-breaking (that the kid didn't go for the bullies at all).

  10. Bishop was one of the police officers at the scene where the boys' bodies were found. What you just quoted, Taba, makes it sound like Marcus was tasked with covering up the murders committed by "Aidan's son" -- they thought Aidan had made Bernie into a vampire, remember? Although I can see how it can be interpreted the other way.

    I guess we'll find out.

  11. I took it the way Taba and Dr. Alice did - Bishop was thanking Marcus for "taking care of the boys" - i.e. murdering them, and making it look like an uncontrolled young vampire did it - i.e. "Aiden's son". I took it that Bishop was giving Marcus an "attaboy" for a job well done. I think Bishop's plan was to make Aiden think Bernie killed the kids so that he would have no choice but to kill Bernie. Again - IMHO - just another way for Bishop to break Aiden. This way Bishop takes care of 2 problems at once - taking care of the young vampire and causing Aiden grief.

  12. "If I didn't know any better I'd have thought that Aiden's son did it myself"

    I don't think they were referring to Bernie when they were talking about his "son". I think they were referring to Aiden's "real" son. We know that Aiden had a son a long time ago from the flashbacks. This suggests that his son was also a vampire.

  13. I just saw the end of this episode again, and you guys were right and I was wrong -- Bishop did thank Marcus for killing the boys and making it look like Bernie did it.

  14. It's fun to have different interpretations.

    I really hope you'll review this series if you have time.


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