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Smallville: Fortune

Clark: "Are those Emil's pants?"

In last week's review, I mentioned that I wouldn't mind if they deep-sixed the Darkseid and just gave us some old, fun Smallville with no big bad. And voila.

'Fortune' felt like one of those early Smallville high school episodes where everyone loses their inhibitions, but with a grown up twist. Yes, there was a bit of self-conscious "look how quirky we're being" in the opening scenes, but they got past that fairly quickly and the rest of the episode was a lot of fun. I kept thinking that, as much as I was enjoying it, it was a shame that all we were getting was the morning after and not the actual party. But then we got the Emil-cam at the end, and I laughed through the whole thing. It worked.

It was so nice that they included Emil, and not just because it gave them that essential boy-girl boy-girl balance. One of the two best things about the episode was his duet slash liaison with Tess while he was channeling Elvis. Was Tess impersonating someone in particular? She looked familiar singing in that sixties Twiggy sort of outfit, but I couldn't place her.

(Emil getting tortured nearly ruined the vibe, though. They've gone through so many doctors and scientists on this show; Lex and Lionel in particular went through them like tissue paper. Couldn't Emil make it to the end? He's held out so long that I'm sure it's a Smallville record.)

The other highlight for me was Oliver as a showgirl, complete with plumes and bling – especially during the fight scene when most of the costume came off. Loved his tacky, poisonous green tuxedo, too. And no sign of the Omega. Oliver seemed very much like himself.

Did Chloe and Oliver really get married? Really? Actually, Chloe and Oliver married and heading off to Star City together would be a nice ending for those two characters. I know comic book Oliver is supposed to be with Black Canary, but I don't care; I like Chloe more. And it would be nice series closure if Chloe became a reporter again. Works for me.

Bits and pieces:

— Chloe mentioned searching for heroes, and referred to Batman and Wonder Woman without actually mentioning their names.

— Oliver and Lois waking up together on the train tracks reminded me that Oliver has slept with all three of the female leads, and it isn't even his show. And Clark and Chloe woke up together... did they do more than sleep? All those Clark/Chloe shippers are probably deeply disappointed that we may never know.

— The farmhouse looked so bizarre, like a novelty store had exploded. The limo was even weirder.

— Chloe's wild wedding gown was exceptional. That's my kind of wedding gown. And she got to rock some black leather, too. She's been getting some great costumes this season.

— Lois and Oliver talked a little about their relationship with "walking perfection." I thought it was a little sad that they both feel inadequate around Clark. Although I guess anyone would.

— Emil is a widower. I don't think we knew that, but I could have missed a previous reference.

— Zatanna caused the whole thing, but we never saw her.

— Lois: "I should have known all this bridal hoopla was too good to be true. All my prenuptial bliss was just one right click away from bridal apocalypse." I think Erica Durance deserves a lot of credit for selling lines like this.

So hey, guys. Should it be four out of four Elvis impersonators? Or four out of four cross-dressing showgirl superheroes? Or didn't you like this one as much as I did?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


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  2. Well, Zob, for me, there is something delightful about an alpha male superhero being comfortable with and unthreatened by going undercover in sequins and feathers. I loved the way he threw himself into the fight looking the way he did, too. I don't think dressing up every male lead that way is ever an automatic winner. It worked with Oliver. It wouldn't work with Clark.

  3. I liked this one as much as you did, Billie. I think it captured perfectly the campy wackiness of "Lois Lane: Superman's Girlfriend" or "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen" Silver Age comics. I don't just mean it was campy; it was campy in that specific Superman way. Love Lois' unhealthy obsession with getting the ring back, for example.

    Zob, for me the delight comes from seeing a man wear the same clothes I do every night before going to sleep, though I will freely admit my attention was more on Lois at that point. I could watch that woman's neck all day.

    Lovely review as always, Billie.

  4. I love this episode, officially best episode ever, I wish more episodes in the mid seasons were as quirky as this.

    I entirely agree with you Billie, Olly pulled it off, but Clark as a showgirl would be cringe worthy.

  5. Funny, but also sad (good sad) at the end with Chloe and Oliver walking away. I'm impressed by how natural it felt. I mean I love Chloe and always imagined she's the one side character who must absolutely stick around for the show to feel like Smallville, but to her credit she became her own thing. And I hate to admit it but her absence from the show this season, barring the cool/creepy disappearance from the opening credits after the first episode, wasn't that deeply felt. Anyway, along with her departure it also hit me newly that Oliver can't do the vigilante stuff anymore. It made me freshly sad, idk why.
    -Clark drunkenly bumping into the wall superspeeding was hilarious, I can't believe we went this long without seeing that stuff!
    -Going to really miss Chloe's expressions, it's kind of amazing how she seems to find a different way to smile every time...
    -Isn't it weird that despite Oliver having more traditionally male facial features than Clark, he somehow feels more natural in the showgirl outfit? I try to imagine Clark and it just feels wrong


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