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Smallville: Scion

Tess: "I'm saving him from an encore performance of Daddy Dearest."

I had a hard time making myself write about this one, probably because there were a lot of comic book references I wasn't getting. (Teen Titans? Teenage Superman clones?)

I did like Lucas Grabeel as the newly christened Alexander slash Connor. He did a good job in season six's "Reunion" as the young Lex, and he felt very much like a cross between Lex and Clark, not an easy thing for a young actor to pull off. I also thought his chosen costume, a black shirt with a red S on it, was very appropriate for the character. ("Are you trying to tell me that Connor is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?") If this had aired several seasons ago, I bet the Clark/Lex slash fans would have been delighted.

So Oliver and Chloe really did leave for Star City; they weren't in the episode at all. But at least there was a lot of Lionel to compensate. And it was Lionel at his most villainous. He wants another superbeing to command, and doesn't seem to care how he gets one. It was fortunate that Connor chose the Force instead of the Dark Side, pun intended. Darkseid showed up at the end, clearly to confer with Lionel. Does that mean Alt-Lionel is going to be the face of Darkseid, our final season's Big Bad? If so, good move on the part of the writers, because so far, Darkseid has done nothing for me.

Finally, I am pleased to report that I really liked Tess again. Who knew. Maybe it was Lionel treating her like all female children, even his own, were inherently inferior, an attitude that he is probably now reconsidering. Maybe it was that she managed to save Alexander/Connor from evil and gave him a future, after all. It was fun to see Tess out-Luthor Lionel. I just wish they'd found this focus for her character a long time ago. Better late than never.

Bits and pieces:

— More callbacks to early Smallville, which they've been doing a lot this season. Here, it was Connor lifting the tractor, the heat vision set off by sexual arousal, and the famous red K episode, "Red."

— I liked the symmetry of Clark and Connor fighting in the burned out mansion.

— Lois wants kids? Can Clark and Lois have kids? He's an alien, after all. But I guess if Clark and Lex can have a baby...

— The next episode airs April 15. We're coming down to the wire. Six episodes to go. Or four and a two-parter. Hard to believe it's actually going to end.

Three out of four Luthors, and all we need now is the real Lex to make four,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Another fantastic instalment, Lucas Grabeel is a very talented actor. Every scene with him this season has been a joy to watch.
    I can't remember the last time they used their budget so well on an episode.

    Great to see Tess use the adoption certificate to outsmart Lionel. I never did like how easy it was for him to switch worlds and just step right into our Lionel's shoes. The Darkseid plot should become more focused now that it has been tied in with the Luthor's. I'm not sure we'll see Lionel as a vessel for Darkseid (if they go down the vessel route it will probably be Oliver), but I can't wait to see what deal he will make to bring Lex back.

  2. Billie I like this episode too I can't believe these are the last few episodes. I can honestly say I'm going to miss my Friday Nite 8:00 fix.
    Teen Titans is another DC comic & was a Saturday morning cartoon & a movie. I loved it & never missed it. Superboy is the same

  3. Clever move on the writers' part to mislead us with the whole Alexander-will-become-Lex thing and then just turn him into Superboy. Maybe Darkseid will resurrect Lex? Maybe in the finale, to throw one last evil at Clark before he's defeated?

    But it was a good episode. I mean, Lionel just steals every single moment. Some of the show's lines don't translate too well with some characters but the writers have a lot of fun throwing things at John Glover I suspect because he can just say 'em all, no problem. Lucas Grabeel is also very likeable, and a nice addition for the next few episodes.

    I also heard they're bringing Chloe back for the finale...which is a relief because I think her not seeing Clark become Superman would've been a big mistake.

    Great review here, as always. Can't believe there are only going to be a few left...

  4. Nick, maybe not. Anyone else getting a Superboy spinoff vibe from Conner Kent? I would watch that. Lucas Grabeel certainly has the charisma and acting chops to carry his own series. He was the best thing in High School Musical (oh, yeah, I went there).

  5. You know, just maybe. He certainly has the charisma, like you've said, plus I can see a Superboy spinoff happening more easily than a Green Arrow one. I'm just worried that it may end up being a Smallville copy (though Lucal Grabeel has a very different style from Tom Welling and admittedly, it'd be rather interesting).

    Oh yeah, totally agree, he was maybe the only character I liked in High School Musical.

    But how would Superboy pan out? Him going to Smallville High just makes it seem to me like he's gonna go through the same 'Freak of the Week' thing that Clark did, though maybe he'd pop into Metropolis from time to time to give Clark a hand with stuff. If they made a series I'd rather they go with a slightly different (and definitely less serious) direction.


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