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The Killing: What You Have Left

"Dead men don't press charges."

This week's episode picked up the pace somewhat as Linden and Holder stumbled on more incriminating, yet still circumstantial, evidence against their number one suspect, and Seattle All-Star, Bennet Ahmed. But lets put that aside for a moment and talk about the stuff that really matters, namely Linden's latest jumper and Holder's suit.

Just how awesome was that jumper? Linden's knitwear choices have been getting progressively better and better every week and this was unquestionably her finest effort to date. It was one of the ugliest pieces of clothing I've ever seen. I loved it. And Holder's suit was just...priceless. Absolutely priceless. Think the only time I've ever seen any policemen anywhere who wore anything like that was on Nash Bridges (people remember Nash Bridges, right?).

Anyway, enough about fashion, let's get back to the crimey wimey stuff.

The Investigation

Memorable knitwear and garish suits aside, the police storyline just isn't clicking with me lately. Part of the problem is that it's all playing out almost exactly as it did in the original, which is a bit frustrating for me because I had hoped the show was moving past that sort of thing. There have been a few interesting changes here and there (notably Bennet's wife being a former student rather than another teacher at the school) but if they're just going to copy everything the original did we might as well start calling this a loose adaptation rather than a remake.

But even if I hadn't seen the original I think I'd still consider Bennet to be just another false lead like Jasper and Kris, who have both mysteriously vanished now that they've been eliminated as suspects. I don't know about anyone else but Mr and Mrs Ahmed don't strike me as a couple who only just recently murdered a young girl and covered it up. Nor do they come across as serial killers. Unless Mrs. Ahmed has a tendency to whack people on the head with hammers in moments of paranoid madness, I don't think they killed Rosie.

The Larsen Family

Today was the day of Rosie’s funeral. There were a couple of "Awwwwwwww" moments, mainly involving Tommy and Danny, but for the most part it was just another day of quiet suffering for the Larsen family. Even that sweet moment with Stan and Mitch reminiscing about the cufflinks turned sour and nearly became a full blown argument.

It's a credit to the actors and to the writers that we've all come to care so deeply about this family but I'm starting to agree with what Jess said last week. There is only so much raw pain and misery you can take before it becomes too uncomfortable and decide you can't watch anymore. It is getting harder and harder to sit back and watch as these people continue to hurt like this. I want to see them move past this horrible tragedy. Sadly, it doesn't look like that is going to be the case.

The Richmond Campaign

One of the problems I’m having with this plot-line is the almost complete lack of subtlety. Take the Mayor, for example. He’s a loathsome, openly bigoted bastard, practically five steps away from getting his membership to the Legion of Doom approved (they do have a excellent dental plan). Richmond, on the other hand, is quickly becoming the Eddard Stark of Seattle, an honourable man (perhaps too honourable for his own good) in that nest of vipers we call politics. Remember, in this game of thrones you either win or you run again in four years. If I were you, Darren, I might want to invest in a pack of direwolves. You'll find they're more vicious than Gwen or the gerbil and about ten times as loyal.

Notes and Quotes

--Jumperwatch: Did I mention how much I loved it? Think I’m going to call it chestnut.

--Everyone should check out AMC’s Suspect Tracker and be amazed by the sheer number of possible suspects. Maybe they all did it, Orient Express-style.

--Linden is wasting no time with this serial killer theory and has already started looking at missing girls.

--This week's Vancouver based genre actor was Caprica's Brian Markinson.

--That wordless opening sequence, showing the undertaker preparing Rosie's body while her parents get ready for the funeral, was brilliant and very Six Feet Under.

--So what is going on between Mitch's sister and Jasper's dad and does it have anything to do with Rosie's murder? The answers are more than likely 'extramarital affair' and 'don't rule it out'.

--Thanks to Holder's old partner/sponsor, we now know for certain that Stan used to be an enforcer for the Polish mob, that he may have killed some people and that he also used to have a gambling problem. Be afraid, Bennet, be very afraid.

--I wonder what Jack will plan to do with his $15 million?

--Did anybody else spot the surprise cameo by a well-known Doctor Who baddie?

Linden: "Hey, find your new BFF?"
Jack: "No one says that mom, it's retarded."

Lt. Oaks: "The idea is that the public can feel we are confident professionals who can be trusted. You look like you donate plasma for a living."

Holder: "First one of the day, it always tastes the best."
Linden: "After I leave and they give the case to someone else and you're working traffic you can smoke all day."
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Another enjoyable read, Mark!

    The impact of the extended grieving thing is really interesting to me. Because for the characters, this is only Day 6. Of course they are going to still be numb with misery and not even remotely ready to pull themselves together and move on. It hasn't even been a week since they lost their daughter to a horrific, brutal crime.

    But for us, it has been a month. So we feel like we've been wallowing in their grief for awhile now and they just need to get over it. We've had enough, dammit! Hardly fair, huh? Just an interesting quirk of mere days for the characters playing out over months for the audience. Lost had similar issues from time to time.

    I was wondering if Brian Markinson would get the "Vancouver genre actor" shout out this week. Cool!

    So the fascination with the sweaters is that you think they are horrible, huh? I was working under the assumption that you really liked knitwear. Interesting.

    I'm glad that they haven't ruled the teacher out yet and that he's looking more and more guilty. I don't think he (or his wife) did it, but I kind of like that this thread is continuing to spool out. Although I think they need to make it clear soon that the political connection is more than just collateral damage. Because otherwise, it is sucking up a lot of screen time for no good reason.

  2. Jess, I'm glad you mention the time difference between us, the audience, and the characters. I was going to put something about in the review but then decided to leave it out. I think it would've been really interesting if the series was airing nightly rather weekly (would certainly make reviewing more challenging). Likely we would be reacting differently if we were experiencing all these events at the same rate as the characters are.

  3. It's hard to feel bad about Bennet's predicament when he seems to be such a sleaze of a teacher. But I agree that he feels like yet another red herring. I keep thinking that the connection to the campaign can't be just circumstantial, or why subject us to all this political stuff?


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